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  • Dorothy Cronin "Dotty Cronin" - Forever CuriousI have not even come close to finishing this book yet. It is an interesting way to tell a present day leader's story. Going back decades and writing about all of the ancestors and the histories of the areas they came from. As a retired teacher, who majored in sociology and US History, I am finding this book fascinating.
  • Lisa - got pregnent in 10 daysmy boyfriend and i have been ttc for 6mos and still nothing i surfed around and found fertilaid although i was skepticali tried it althoughi didnt find out i was pregnent till a month later altrasound showed i was preg. in november wich means after taking the pills for 10 days we concieved.
  • Rachael S. Abrams "mommy1125" - Son loved itPurchased for my 14 year old son. This arrived several days sooner than expected. It was wrapped in plastic and shipped in a thick box for protection. The bag is lightweight with lots of pockets for storage. The backpack-like carrying system is awesome and makes walking with the bag much easier. My son also likes the fold-out legs that are sturdy but easy to get in and out. It was definitely a good purchase at a great price. Oh, and it holds all of his clubs if he wants to take them all.