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  • T. Johnson - I love this printer!I recently upgraded to this HP OfficeJet 4620 from a Dell A960. I KNOW, HUGE upgrade.

    It took me about 30 minutes to set up, that includes getting it out of the box, putting it together, running the alignment test, and installing the drivers.

    Setting up the ePrint was a breeze! They make it so easy for you and I'm most excited about that particular feature. Going to be very convenient since I am always on the go and use my phone for EVERYTHING (don't we all?).

    The complaint from the other reviewer that this printer is noisy I believe to be a fault in that particular printer... this printer is relatively quiet in my opinion but again I must mention that I previously owned an A960 so anything sounds like a whisper compared to that. I personally don't see why the noise output is a factor at all. Getting nit-picky if you ask me.

    The faxing speed is lightning fast. Scanning couldn't be easier. It prints super fast, and the quality is top notch.

    I'm personally very taken with how compact this printer is. It takes up very little desk space (about two stacks of paper in width).
    This printer has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the cost of ink. Very efficient printing, small footprint.

    All in all, this little 4 in 1 is quite the powerhouse. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a quality 4 in 1! I'd give it 10 stars if Amazon let me. :)
  • Philip Kahn "tigerhawkvok" - Fantastic TabletI've had my Transformer for three days (and, in fact, am composing this review on the tablet!) and I must say I'm blown away. It's fast, smooth, beautiful; it has all the best aspects of a tablet along with the ability to create and be productive that a laptop has; I can't say anything bad about it. Newer firmware revisions (or changes in the hardware manufacturing process) have eliminated the GPS problem -- honestly, indoors, this gets better GPS reception than my T-Mobile HTC G2.

    Something that may not be totally clear is the way that the charging works on the keyboard. When the tablet is slid into the keyboard dock, the keyboard charges the main tablet battery -- so when you un-dock, your tablet is actually more charged than when you started. Fantastic!

    Also, this screen is drop-dead gorgeous. It's pulling in at 160 DPI, which while not Apple's "retina", it's a fair sight better than standard monitors (my 24" 1080p monitor is about 96 DPI).

    Get it. You won't regret it.
  • Ashley - Lovely, and Funny.... If you get itYou either get Cameron Tuttle's books and her brand of humor or you don't, Personally I love her books. The Bad Girl's Guide To Getting What You Want, is my favorite of hers. There's good solid advice, but theres also tons of fun and badness without making you want to puke in the book. This book isn't supposed to be a survival guide, it's supposed to help you realize what you want and then show you that you've got all that you need right in your bad girl self.The book does this by covering major aspects of life clarifying them with humor and showing you different ways to get through [bad] stuff- Like job interviews. Overall I think this book is great for anyone who goes at a life with a sense of humor but not really for those who are looking for a new spiritual outlook or some sort revelation on what it is to be a woman.
  • Max Ley - A very fine book about a very dark timeThe Road chronicles the struggle between an older man and a young boy as the travel towards the coast in a post apocalyptic world. This is a book that grabs you and pulls you then doesn't let go until the last page is flipped.

    There is very little violence in the book which came as a surprise to me. The biggest problem the two face is finding food. Along with their problem finding food they are faced with a cold winter and other people. Together they only have one bullet and are hesitant to use it, but are weary of every single person they come across.

    The tale is told from the older man's point of view and he often reflects back on the world before the apocalypse. To a world that was much brighter and full of love. He thinks most about his wife and their times together. All the while though, he must teach the little boy he is with how to live after he is gone. The precautions he must take, how he mustn't trust anyone and most of all, he must never give up. He must fight to live.