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  • The Satan "The name hurts people." - better than the KirbyMy brother's GF owns a $1000-2000 Kirby and this one sucks better than it.
    It cleans so well, I vacuumed over what the Kirby did and I had to empty the canister a few times. My brother's nice rug (that he didn't care if it was vacuumed over) had a lot of junk on it and he was impressed by the Kirby's vacuum, however, I saw a bunch of stuff on it still. THen I used this right on it and he said his rug looks like new, he was so impressed and said that none of the other vacuums ever did that for him.

    Now, I vacuum everywhere, and on the floor, can just switch the power to I and it doesn't use the brush so you can vacuum floors like in the kitchen. It picks up well and the suction is amazing. It is not as light as the woman holding it makes it appear, though, it isn't that heavy for most to pick up.

    Just by vacuuming ,the whole home looks so nice.

    I love this vacuum, my brother wants to buy one for himself now.

    Now, that rug had a lot of hair on it which appears to be pet hair that just wont get off on anything, so I am sure if I actually owned a pet, this will be the best vacuum for the price on getting rid of the nasty hair all over.

    We're all really impressed.
  • Sportsman - AMAZINGBEST TABLET EVER. THAT'S ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID!I have no idea what these other people are mumbling about; there are no issues with the prime whatsoever. It is a perfect product.
  • Cloggie Downunder - blackly funny but also sharply prescientTampa is the first novel by American author, Alissa Nutting. Celeste Price is a 26-year-old high-school teacher living in Tampa, Florida. Celeste is married to a cop and is a self-confessed soulless pervert. Her secret perversion is an obsession with fourteen-year-old boys. As an eighth grade English teacher, she has a large arena to choose from, and in her first class at Jefferson Junior High, she chooses Jack Patrick. She manages to juggle her job, her husband and her teenage lover until a complication arises: her lover's father is also attracted to her. Celeste proves to be stunningly selfish, a sexual predator who is all about self-preservation and whose actions will often leave the reader gasping. This is an interesting look at child sexual abuse from the point of view of the offender. Nutting is not afraid to throw herself into this taboo subject, and approaches it with humour, panache and insight. It is perhaps a little slow to get moving, but the pace certainly picks up and manages to hold the reader's interest where the Fifty Shades trilogy just dragged. Some editions of this erotic offering have a delightfully suggestive pink buttonhole cover. While the subject matter and the hot sex scenes may classify this as erotica, readers will find this a novel with a decent plot and some excellent imagery: "She gave the long grunt of a walrus bearing a load of breech pups.." and "The charcoal frizz of her perm hovered above her scalp like a rising cloud of smog" and "...deciding between the two of them was like being asked to pick a dance partner and given the option of a trained choreographer or an epileptic with a wooden leg" are but a few examples of this. Can a novel be both hilarious AND thought-provoking? As long as the reader is prepared for the scorching sexual content, this one is blackly funny but also sharply prescient!
  • Deadkings - VERY FRUSTRATEDThis is totally a scam -- at least half of my bananas curve towards the left, but this thing only slices right-curving bananas! Could you at least sell them by the pair so we can slice ALL our bananas? I kept ordering them, hoping I will receive a left-curving slicer but no luck. Now I've got 14 right-curving slicers and I'm very frustrated, I may no longer eat bananas in protest.

    In the end, it may be a time-saver in the kitchen, but then you end up spending twice as long at the grocery store picking out all the right-curving bananas. You end up wasting more time.
  • Jenni M. Parks "Jenni Parks" - Drama, hilarity, and passion ensueKim Barnouin is a successful author, speaker, and lifestyle coach who has guided many women to healthier eating through her `Skinny Bitch' lifestyle books and associated cookbooks. Skinny Bitch in Love is her first foray into full length fiction and it's a success.

    Barnouin spins a delightful and upbeat tale of romance in her new novel. Clem is a vegan chef who aspires to open her own restaurant. Just when she's picked out the perfect locale, a cocky yet charming fellow leases the lot out from under her for his soon-to-be-opening steakhouse. Drama, hilarity, and passion ensue.

    While Barnouin's tale follows the "sworn opposition drawn together by passion" trope, she doesn't lay out all the cards on the table and deliver a predictable story arc. Instead, she keeps the reader guessing right to the end of the novel, using the push-pull dynamic of Clem and her love interests (there are multiple suitors) to build suspense. Whoever you're rooting for Clem to choose is likely to change a few times as the story progresses.

    I really liked this book, and I look forward to Barnouin's next novel. I also appreciate that Barnouin didn't attempt to hijack her novel and turn it into a full on propaganda piece for her vegan lifestyle philosophy that she pushes in her non-fiction pieces. True, the protagonist in Skinny Bitch in Love is a passionate vegan, but it's entirely reasonable inside the storyline and Barnouin resists the temptation to make this plot point any larger than it needed to be. A great summer read!