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  • City Girl - Best double stroller of many we triedWe spent hours traveling to a huge baby store and test driving double strollers... Convertibles, tandems, side-by-sides... Cheap, mid-priced and expensive. My husband and I both agreed this was our favorite for sure! It seems so smooth in comparison to the others, can truly be maneuvered with one hand (we had our toddler in the one side and the sales person put a well-weighted box in the other side) even around the tight aisles & displays of a crowded store. I would never have thought to test out the under-seat storage basket before my first child, but I knew ow that was important - this has a much more accessible basket than the double City Mini. The only stroller that came close in our opinions, was the Double City Mini GT, but not so much so that I was willing to pay a couple more hundred dollars on it (the store guy agreed it wasn't worth it unless we truly needed the all train tires). Great buy. And Amazon had the best price by far!
  • Lindsay - Informative and easy to read!I felt overwhelmed by the choice of parenting books and didn't want to subscribe to any specific parenting style before getting some hands on experience. As a first time mom, I feel this book is easy to read and extremely informative. I also have Wedding Bargains and Baby Bargains by Denise Fields so I already knew I like the writing style. I love that the Fields teamed up with a pediatrician so I have many medical questions answered by someone qualified to do so. It's great to read a book that presents you with the facts and doesn't impose any opinions on the reader!