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  • Katelyn Sutherland - IT WORKED!!!!I ordered this for my college class high school students, and after reading some reviews it was making me so nervous that it wouldn't work, but I read a lot of positive ones too. I was praying that it would work and wasn't wasting my kids money! IT WORKED GREAT!!!! We didn't have any problems at all. Worked on the first try. If it ships from Amazon you can count on it. It's when you buy a "new" or "used" from 3rd party people that are selling it then you might get into problems!!!
  • AK - No issues hereI received my ASUS last week. I have to say I was worried about some of the things I read in previous reviews. But so far I have no issues and/or complaints. The bettery life is great, the tablet is sleek and light. Not to mention very fast, I rarely find that it stalls when loading new applications, etc. Definitely need a screen protector and case as i feel it needs some protection. All I can say is that I got one with the bugs fixed before it rolled out, i.e. GPS, WiFi.