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Country: Europe, GB, United Kingdom

City: London, England

  • TeamMandJ - Working So Far

    My fiance is taking this product. He had a surgery about 5 years ago where he was on intravenous drugs for 6 weeks and has had several subsequent surgeries with MAJOR antibiotic usage. He recently resolved a number of health issues and the last lingering problem was his stomach (he had to go many times per day, often at night for long periods). He had been tested for Crohn's and other disorders, placed on a number of drugs and diets, nothing ever made the slightest bit of difference. Align is working for him so far. He is regular after about 5 weeks of taking it and he has more energy. He is not 100% "better" but given the number of years this had been going on we are very happy to see that Align has already made a substantial difference. I would say this is worth trying for anyone who had used large quantities of antibiotics and subsequently experienced stomach problems. I hope it continues to work for him.

  • M. McElroy - Happy Tummy

    This is one of two brands my doctor recommends to maintain the health of my digestive system. I travel frequently and find that this product helps my system deal well with the various foods it gets to meet.