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  • K. Alphs - The Simple LifeThe simple life, oh how we all long for it, in Mitford you will find it. Jan Karon writes with a style similiar to James Herriot in his "All Creatures Great and Small" series. Jan also weaves her Christian faith throughtout the book in a way which is relevant to her reader. Put the kettle on, make some tea, sit down in a cozy chair and become acquainted with the people who live in Mitford.You'll be glad you did.
  • mk87 - Finally remission without medicationI was diagnosed with crohn's disease in september 2010, after undergoing an appendectomy. The prescribed medication was ineffective, four months after my diagnosis surgery was required. I had an Ileo-colic resection Jan 2011. The surgeon said it was likely that I would experience diarrhea at least four or five times per day (due to the particular section of bowel that was removed), but that there was medication to treat this. I have been on this diet for a month now and I have not experinced any diarrhea or abdominal pain (which I was so used to experiencing prior to surgery)all without any medications! I am so excited about this book and would recommend it to anyone with intestinal disorders. I have never felt better!
  • L. Cox - Great GameThis is a great game. The attack on here does not stop that fact. Just because people don't like the protection software doesn't mean you should not pick up this game. I would have never known about this "awful protection device" if everyone didn't make a huge deal of it. People need to grow up. The game is great and the security on it does not affect anyone but piraters.