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  • Julie J - Download rocks!!I was thrilled to find this product downloadable as I recently deleted a mass storage component in my computer by accident. The result was that my computer does not recognize and CD's, plug-n-plays, nada! But I really needed to start this program for my business. Amazon came thru with flying colors with a computer download immediately! Dell even failed as they said it would take 7 days to ship??? but then provided a download link a day later to my email. Way too late! Amazon really came thru when I needed this. Now I am walking thru the book for this program to really tweek my business to it. It is very time consuming, but I know will be worth the effort when I can spit out P&L reports, vendor reports, etc on demand.
  • Linda Rachmel "book buyer" - great resourcegreat purchase. we use this in our medical practice. We usually get a new one every two years and buy the one with the larger print.
  • B. Perez - CAUTION: RADIOACTIVE CONVENIENCEI was real skeptical to find this online. It usually takes months before they have this in stock at the local black market. We all know how fast uranium flies off the shelves during missile season.

    But I will say that I'm very impressed with the packaging. The industry standard for containing highly radioactive materials is an unbearably heavy lead casing that drives the shipping off the roof! And don't get me started on how suspicious that looks during trade offs.

    Now if you plan to take over the world on a budget, that sort of thing can put a stop on your glorious vision. But with this newly designed aluminum can, the uranium practically floats on your front door without putting a big financial dent on your dreams!

    And this stuff really comes in handy when you're thinking about making an army of mutant critters. Works great with ants, turtles, moths, cats, roaches, you name it.

    A fantastic product! And when my plans for domination pull through in approximately 63 years, you too will understand why this product got 5 stars from this evil genius in training.
  • K. McKenna - I'm not sure what everyone else is playing...I believe this is a great game, with high replay value. It captures my imagination. In this game you can create anything your heart desires, and it will come to life. Yes, EA is ridiculous with their protection issues, but you won't really run into that problem if you're just the casual gamer. Who plays the same game on more than 3 computers? Maybe households with multiple (MULTIPLE) children, which is inconvenient for them, but for the average person it's just a fun game to play on some downtime.

    I bought this after the hype of it coming out, and I never heard about what it was supposed to be. I bought it after I played the iphone version because I loved it on the iphone and couldn't get enough. It met all of my expectations and more.

    You start out at the cell stage, which is like one of those online games where you eat fish that are smaller than you, and are eaten by fish that are bigger than you. I've always enjoyed those, so it was great for me.
    The next stage, the creature stage, after you grow legs, is all about collecting food and building relationships with/killing other creatures. It's like a point and click action type game. If you don't continue eating, you die, so your main objective is to find food.
    After that, you proceed to a stage where you control a village of your creatures. Here you can choose to destroy them or befriend them. But you still must keep track of resources. There are different instruments/weapons you can unlock to finish your task of dominating the other species.
    Then you come to the civilization stage, which was my favorite. You are either a religious/trade/military based city, and you have to convert/ally/conquer the other cities. I love the strategy behind it. It may be extremely easy, but I like to think this game is geared mostly towards children. It's a good introduction to strategy type games for children.
    Afterwards is the space exploration type stage, but I didn't play it much. I was too excited to start all over again.
    At the beginning of each stage you get to create all the necessary things for that stage. Your creature during the first two, your creature's clothing for the third, buildings and vehicles for the fourth, and your spaceship for the last. You have the option to change these at any time during the stages, it's a big part of "evolving". This is the best part of the game, and the reason it stands out.

    Overall this game is great if you're the type of person who played the sims just to create awesome houses from your imagination rather than to control your own people. It's for the fun of your imagination. Do not go into this looking for a hardcore game with complexity. It's more like minecraft than heavy rain or mass effect.
  • Valerie Luzzi - Matthew Hussey is BrilliantI have just gone through a divorce and after years of thinking I knew what I wanted and who I was...I realized I was wrong. I deserve so much more and I am so much more and Matthew has opened my eyes to that. He taught me that I am high-value and he taught me that I can have the relationship I want and that I deserve it. I have learned so much about men and at the same time, so much about myself. I know that when I'm ready...I will find the guy, get the guy, keep the guy and love for life! Thank you, Matthew!