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City: 75202 Dallas, Texas

  • La la "bean" - great electric grill!Fantastic electric grill! Since we're not allowed to use propane grills where we live, the only option was electric or charcoal. After purchasing a charcoal grill, we decided that it wasn't for us since. We more or less gave up on grilling for a few years until we purchases the Char broil grill a few weeks ago. So far we have made Filet Mignon, Salmon, roasted veggies, grilled corn, and chicken. The food came out delicious, and clean up was a breeze. The only negative thing I have to say is that you must be quick when opening the cover since it does drop in temperature rather quickly. I knew this before hand based on other reviewers, but overall we make sure we're quick when checking on the items being grilled. Took about a 1/2 hour to put together, and it has a nice modern look to it.
  • C. Thomas - Works for meI bought the book about a year ago when the psoriasis I'd had for years on my scalp started creeping onto my face and plaques were starting to form all over my body (breasts, tummy, back, side, etc.)

    I knew from experience that the topical steroids didn't do diddly for me (I actually had my scalp shaved so that I could get the cream to the plaques and watch for improvements.) Three different creams, all of the prescription medications and over the counter tar soap didn't do anything. I itched like fury, and felt totally greasy and flaky at the same time.

    After my hair grew out again, I left it alone and just tried not to scratch at it, until it started spreading even more.

    I was initially skeptical of the book (plus I'm cheap) so I didn't do all the things suggested, I just ate the way he advised and drank chamomile tea occasionally. The results were very clear and fast though; my psoriasis plaques flattened, turned paler, and then the newest plaques all faded away. Unfortunately, I started going out to eat with my boyfriend again and eating pizza, which halted the improvements to the thicker, older plaques on my scalp.

    Lately I'd been eating especially bad for psoriasis, lots of tomatoes and beef, and I got a plaque on my lower eyelid that made blinking painful. So I'm back on his meal plans, and once again the ones I can monitor are fading away nicely. It seems to help a lot to exercise enough to sweat also; the first time I had some flare up before improvement, but none this time when I started it along with my longer standing walking program.
  • Ledcow - I don't know...I bought this a gift for someone. She loved it so much, that she refused to actually open it and watch it. So it's sitting on display, still in the wrapping, as it has become a collector's item to her. If you like the Bruins, I'm pretty sure that this is an amazing DVD to watch, or to just stare at, as she does. I gave it 5 stars for both uses.
  • mambo - I love this book...... and this extraordinary man. TAKING THE STAND, The Alan Dershowitz autobiography is a very entertaining, informative and inspiring read; funny too with a unique format giving sidebars to the compelling narrative. I can only hope there will be a sequel book featuring more landmark cases defended, more complicated legal issues challenged, more fights for basic freedoms, more celebrity dirty laundry and more even-minded insights. Call it - SETTING THE STANDARD because that's what Dershowitz delivers as a writer, lawyer, teacher and human being.