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  • "pjsc69" - The dark side of the truth.......While underappreciated in comparison to other Floyd classics that have received more air time, Animals is certainly one of their best. It is as depressing and unnerving as its cover, with its dark industrial skies and decrepit factories - an image of western civilization in the mid-1970s. Pigs on the wing is as appealing for its oddity as it is for its simple chords and endearing lyrics. Dogs will remind you of someone you know if you have worked in the world. Pigs (three different ones) is a scathing commentary on all that Roger Waters thinks is wrong with people (and his glass is always half empty), and Sheep, with its pastoral beginnings and horrific ending, is this album's answer to "Careful with that Axe, Eugene," or "Cut you into little pieces", as "Bleating and babbling we fell on his neck with a scream!" If one's psyche can stomach the images and the lyrics (and we all have a black side, which you must acknowledge if you enjoy Pink Floyd) this may be the most powerful musical album Floyd has ever produced.... but then there's Wish You Were Here....and Meddle....and Dark Side of the Moon...take your choice!
  • A. Madsen - Eases lower GI problemsThis probiotic product ALIGNAlign-Probiotic Digestive Care Balancing Defense, 49 Capsules (New Bonus Size) was recommended by my gastroenterologist to ease symptoms from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Stage 4 bleeding hemorrhoids by regulating my digestive system. I have used it for several months and recommend it highly but ONLY after consultation with your doctor to rule out any other medical conditions and/or if you have any other pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Bill L. Connely "Goldwing 1800" - I give this ten stars.I have 3 of these units. The screen is big (not their very latest and biggest though), it is easy to set, and the indicator for your speed goes red if you are over the speed limit. Makes the breaks correctly for exits on the freeway by splitting the screen so it is easy to glance at and follow in heavy traffic (e.g. Phoenix during rush hour) so you can plan ahead to set your exit strategy. It would be nice if it had a directional compass on it, but it has everything else. Entering a destination or address is easy as the keyboard letters are farily big (I have big hands and fingers). I have the unit(s) on all the time when traveling even if I know where I am going. I do this because the GPS MPH speed indicator is more acurate than my cycles and cars' speedometers. It does not have a port for an external speaker -- like might be used on a motorcycle, but since the screen is big enough it has never been a problem for me.
  • mctexus - It really is quiet, worth the extra moneyI do not work in a salon, but I like an ultra quiet hair dryer. I've had one from Brookstone for the past 15 or so years, but it's about to quit working. Adjusting for inflation, the price on this one was comparable. This hair dryer is as quiet, if not a little quieter, in that it's a smoother sound. It's well-made, quick heat up, has low/medium/high settings on both temp and airflow, and feels comfortable in the hand. I like the button that switches to air-only with no heat. That's great for kids that like to freak out about how hot the hair dryer is. As long as this one lasts around 15 years, I'll be glad that I invested in it.