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  • Dominic J. Kanaventi - Nothing beats Gripgo Universal.No mess, no fuss gadget should be considered a safety feature. I no longer need to hold my cell phone or place it where it falls off and I have to find the phone while driving. Went beyond my expectations as it was 30% cheaper with my Amazon prime membership, than tv advertised price and was ship free. I received it just 2 days after ordering. Excellent value. Excellent service. Has held my phone in place trouble-free for 30 days now. Love it.
  • Erika - No regrets here!We purchased this for our 2 1/2 year old son for Christmas. I was a little worried that it might be a little advanced for him, but we took a chance. Well, two months later, he LOVES it. We got the recharger pack because we knew it would pay for itself in no time. He plays with his LeapPad 2 everyday. I have no complaints about the cost of the apps that he's using now. There is NO WAY I'd buy a tablet or IPAD thats made for an adult or older child. This thing is pretty strong. My husband and I see a MAJOR improvement from the time he got it until now. Two months and he is a computer wiz. I am really happy we got this for him. I'm only sad to report that the other day at Grandma's, the screen busted totally, We asked him what happened, and he says it was an accident. He was really upset and he has never mistreated this toy. So, after much debate, we decided that we would buy him another because he has benefited from it so much. I contacted LeapFrog customer service and am very happy to hear that we do not need to re-purchase all of his apps. They will transfer to his new LeapPad2. I only wish that LeapFrog gave you the option to purchase a warranty, but I can also understand that people would misuse it. No complaints from my son, myself or my husband. Price is reasonable so we are going to replace.
  • Joseph Landes - One of the Best Books of 2012I picked up Beautiful Ruins after seeing it on the NY Times Notable Books of 2012 list and after hearing so many people talk about the book. It has been well reviewed, has gotten tons of positive feedback, and I keep recommending this book to whomever asks me for book recommendations.

    There are a number of super interesting characters in the book but not too many where you get confused. It takes place in Italy in what you can only call and what must be a series of picturesque settings. You want to visit the places described by Jess Walter even if you are not totally sure where they are and if you are scared of boats! Her description of the small towns and houses and shops are so detailed to allow you to conjure them up in your mind and not want to forget them. The characters are all interesting and seemingly loosely affiliated with varied interests but all come together after tragedy hits a young actress (as in so many books it seems). Pasquale was my most favorite of the characters as he hangs onto his bed and breakfast which has no business being around but still is. You will also be introduced to Alvis the frustrated novelist whose heart is broken so many times. Dee the actress, Michael the producer, and Claire and even Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton not just make an appearance but play key roles in the storyline and eventual outcome of the book. Beautiful Ruins is a beautiful book on so many levels and I highly recommend it.