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  • Heather - It is soo refreshing to find a program that actually worksThe only issue that I have with the program is the CD's. Some of them the audio goes in and out at times but only for a second or two. I really did not bother me much.

    But the program actually works. And the great part is that I can listen to it again and again and work through workbook as needed for a refresher.

    I was paying $100 a session for my child to attend therapy and it was not working. Since the program I have been able to handle her more effectively and get the necessary results and the best part I was able to cancel her sessions within the first 2 weeks of using this program.

    Thanks James
  • Vicki Hanna "Storm" - Align experienceMy doctor recommended align to me. It definately seems to be helping me. What's also important is my orders get to me very quickly, so I never run out.
  • Sandra Mitchell "Sandra Mitchell" - Warm & Cozy ReadIf you like warm & cozy reads that are character driven, then At Home in Mitford is for you. The imagery that Jan Karon paints is picture perfect, with streets named Lilac Lane & Old Church Road, and the local diner, The Grill, where the townfolk gather and catch up on the latest goings on.Mitford is the ideal of small town, southern life. It is here that Father Tim lives & breathes, where he is the pastor of a small parish. For the past 12 years, without a vacation or break, Father Tim has nourished his congregation while neglecting himself. Little does he realize how a new neighbor, a little boy, and a faithful dog will come into town and change his life. Mitford has a cast of wonderful, colorful characters and the pace is just right for the simplicity and loveliness of Mitford. This is not a book if you're looking for action, but if you like warm and cozy reads, this book is a must. I can't wait to read the rest of the series~
  • PolishMan - The best toy a boy could ask forWhy play Battlefield 3 when I can paint my friends and family bright colors. This marker is deadly accurate and fires like a boss! The merchant was fast and delivery was furious. The whole experience was fantastic. I'm having a hard time not shooting things. All I want to do is tear stuff up with my new paintball gun. SUPER AWESOME