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  • Rebecca N - Manhattan Reviewfor about 6 of the months I was pregnant, I stopped people on the street who were pushing strollers and asked what they thought of theirs. Most people loved their strollers. But I heard a couple of common themes. The Stokke people occasionally thought it was awkward and they admitted they loved it for the design more than the practicality. The Bugaboo Bee folks thought it was actually too low and too small and they're not sure what it offered over an umbrella stroller.

    The Uppababy Vista people were the happiest of the people I asked. The all LOVED the storage space underneath. Funny what people point to as the real winner. The ones with a baby and a toddler loved how it converted to hold two kids.

    If you're in Manhattan, that's mostly the 3 strollers that you'll see. You'll also see lots of City Mini/Elite/Select strollers, but those are often secondary strollers.

    So I got the Uppababy Vista in Jake (black frame) for my daughter.

    Some things I love:
    - The storage - can hold a medium supermarket trip of groceries (note: Sometimes I let my dog ride down there too!)
    - The look
    - The smooth ride
    - The bassinet - my 7 week old daughter sleeps in that half the time as her main bed

    Stuff I don't love

    - The size. This is big - no doubt about it. Forget about getting on the subway with it, but a bigger deal is that you really can't get it into a restaurant all that easily either. I take my snap n go for that, and when my daughter is older I'll use an umbrella stroller of some sort
    - (Trivial): No included cup holder (it's funny how just the simple trip to Starbucks with the stroller shows you how much little things like that matter). But you can buy one separately )

    Overall I recommend this stroller. But it's big. You may want to consider sticking with a Snap n' Go with your carseat at first and then thinking about whether you really need more than that. I like my uppababy a lot, but truth is I wonder if I really needed it. My chicco KeyFit and the Caddy do really well for me most of the time.
  • 2011 nursing student - very helpful drug guideAs a newly pharmacology student, this Pocket Drug Guide is very useful for me during meds administration...I would recommend for any nursing student who wants to be on top of his/her game. It's very portable and easy to use..very self explanatory!! Try it and you will know what I'm talking about.
  • agentlinc - Couldn't do without...Quickbooks!I use Quickbooks for my small business which includes invoicing, banking, keeping track of items, and year end Profit and Loss statements! All I do at the end of the year is print out a few reports for my accountant and he does the rest!! Love Quickbooks for Mac. I only wish they would add a "total quantity" at the bottom for the amount of items on a invoice.