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  • Jon R - A great solution for basic protectionLet me start off by saying flat out that a large part of which antivirus is the best comes down to personal preference. Ask 10 different professionals which one is the "best" and you'll get 10 different programs. Antivirus programs also change from year to year, so don't judge this years edition on reviews from a previous year (this applies to any offering not just this Kaspersky one). The best way to find the best is to download a trial and see if you like it.

    Now as for Kaspersky, this is great for your basic protection. It's light on resources, installs easily and quickly, and scans fast. The downside is it takes a while to download patches, even with a fast connection. But since patches are downloaded in the background, you shouldn't notice it. As for it's ability to catch viruses, reports and personal experience show it works great. Really you can't ask for much more from a basic antivirus program.

    One other thing to note, s how it compares to free programs. My first statement still applies, everyone has different tastes. But what you're paying for is support, a year of guaranteed updates, and (depending on which program you're comparing too) possibly better scanning results. It's up to you if this is worth the added costs.
  • TealSays "...and that's the truth Ruth!" - Take That Cold Sores!This has been a life saver (appearance wise), because of cold sores there have been times when I wore surgical masks to hide them, (believe me - based on the appearance of my mouth - this was far better option that going bare-faced). I don't get that (warning) itch, so on most mornings, I smooth very little over my lips (rubbing it in, letting it dry), and repeat the same in the evening. No problem wearing my fav' lipstick over it either! (A tube lasted three, almost four weeks.) It's been over 2-months with out a cold sore. Where as before I had a few outbreaks within the same time period. So yeah, great price, (cost $22.00 at local drug store). I've tried this in the pump as well, and I recommend this over the pump version, as lots of the product gets left in the pump.

    I just wonder, since I use a little of this every day, if my body might become immune to it at some time.
  • Chris Damon "Classic TV Guy" - Best Kaspersky Yet - Internet Security 2012If you are impressed that Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 uses "The Power Of The Cloud" you shouldn't be. Most Anti-Virus software have been doing it for years, asking you if you would like to contribute to the Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee, etc. "community" when you install your software. This allows more real time malware protection ad sends suspicious files to the network for further investigation. But, Kaspersky has taken it a step further by offering "Instant Security Checks" which delivers the latest information from the cloud to let you know if a file is safe to open. This sounds like a great advantage to keep the viruses at bay.

    I have been a fan of Kaspersky Internet Security for several years now, replacing Norton 360 (which I also liked after disliking Norton for a really long time). I think Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is probably the best one yet. It's interface changes every year making it more intuitive for the average user. One of Kaspersky's strong points is that you can tweak it so that it has highly customizable settings, or you can just leave the default settings, which is what most people will do, and that is fine. In most cases the average user will install this program and forget it. As long as it is constantly updated and running properly, that is exactly the way it should work. A good Internet Security program will only alert you when it senses a threat, not constantly nag you.

    Most of what Kaspersky does happens behind the scenes, but the latest version offers better protection for online banking and shopping, secure social networking which blocks malicious links from friends, advanced parental controls and rollback of malware changes. This sounds the most interesting. I'm not sure how this works, and I hope I never have to use it, but if it truly can bring your system back to the state it was before being hit by malware then it is truly worth its cost.

    I'm not going to go into all of its features, you can read about them in its product description. What I can tell you is that Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 runs fast, updates fast, without slowing down your machine (which is something that the 2011 version did at times) and works well. I am even using one of licenses to run Windows 7 in Parallels 7 on my Mac and even as a virtual machine and I see no drop in performance, which is a big plus (Parallels also offers a trial version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus included with its software).

    As I have said in the past it is very difficult to review the effectiveness of the anti-virus/malware of any Internet Security program unless you try to infect your own computer with a known virus. I am not willing to do that. I am willing to tell you that I trust Kaspersky to protect my computer, I think this is the best version of Kaspersky yet.