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  • Seshafi - I can finally sit back and enjoy my coffeeMy lil munchkin looooves this thing. Yes the toys are a bit harder but you can swap them for softer in the beginning. My daughter is a little over 2 months old and spends any were from 20 mins to an hour on this toy smiling and giggling at herself kicking away at the key bored.I can finally sit down and drink my coffe while its hot in the morning or let her burn out some late night energy before bed. the mirror is a good size for my little one to see her entire face and there are settings incase its late and your not in the mood for the toy to be so loud. My husband agrees it was a good buy!
  • Ovieda Estrada "Insight Seeker" - Works for me!My medical doctor recommended this product to me after diagnosing me with candida via a blood test. Some people have complained about feeling bad. I have to ask - did your doctor not explain to you that when you kill candida, the dying off produces at times almost flu like symptoms? Everything from bad breath to stomach cramps. I don't think you can blame the products you ar using to kill the candida. This product tastes good and is very portable which I like. Based on the candida die off symptoms I have, it seems to be working. It also gives me a little energy boost.
  • SG "Sheryl G." - A true Godsend!I was just like you...researching all the books here on for something that would tell me what to eat and what not to eat so I could get some kind of relief from the pain and horrible discomfort of Crohn's! My doctor provided as much help and percriptions as she could but could give me absolutly no advise on what to and what not to eat (that wouldn't hurt!). Well, she was right about one thing, food doesn't seem to cause the illness (which shocked me!) but certain food do irritate or exasperate the inflamation that already exisits!

    I read all the high reviews of this book and since I had nothing else to lose, ordered it. I read it. It made a lot of sense. And then I did the hardest thing...I made a decision to implement the diet. The first week was difficult because I wasn't used to the "restrictions"...they seemed so unusual. But, all I can tell you is that it worked!! the first few days my "D" turned green and like water, but that cleared up after a week or two and then 90% of all my cramping, bloating, and swelling and "D" stopped.

    All I can say is to trust the diet! Trust these reviews. Your own recovery will be different than mine, but you will have recovery and relief from the intense pain!! The book also has a wonderful website with lots of links and forums for us to support each other.

    Best Wishes...