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  • David Ishimoto - Best note yet.

    This was a gift for my father who is over 80 and is having fun just learning all of the capabilities the Galaxy has. I really think that my iPad (typing this with) is not as good as the Samsung because of the positive cost effect and upgradeability. This is my third iPad and is a 64 GB WiFi model that cost over 800 with assorted peripherals, battery charger-10 foot cable, case, and BT keyboard. the Galaxy came with 32GB, is WiFi, and shows 85% more battery life after the OS downloads, updates, and multiple applications being loaded to include the setup of WiFi and BT took under an hour and thirty minutes, and everything was just under 420 dollars, multiprocessors and of the best GUI interfaces available and it
    requires little to no tweaking, what a deal. Best bang for your buck IMHO.

  • Annie - Meant to cleanse people who are constipated

    ive had a constipation problem for years, even with prescribed laxitives and suppositories, nothing worked. i was only able to go twice a week... worst part, im only 19. i just tried this product TODAY and boy was i pleased! 10-15 minutes after taking 2 pills i was able to poop!! and it got rid of my bloating! normally when i go, i cant try pushing more out because it just wont come out but i was able to push so much out of my system, it felt amazing for someone whos always constipated and bloated!! Thank god i didnt clog my toilet.

  • Diane O. Hainsworth "diane" - hydro floss oral irrigator

    I had been told, by a new dentist, that I had a number of large pockets in my gums, along my molar teeth and it was suggested that I needed periodontal work to correct the problem. A doctor suggested that I purchase the hydro floss and I did. I started with the low pressure setting and worked up to the higher pressure as my gums became healthier. My last dental appointment (six months after the last one) showed my gums healthy and no longer needing extra work. I love the Hydro Floss and intend to have it as part of my home dental care forever.