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  • SWGF "Steve" - Great Book.Interesting book. Braden's calculations appear to work, at least approximately. Our current knowledge of "time" may be somewhat unstable, with its existence in quantum physics uncertain, and in macro physics, it could be a human-based invention (with apologies to Einstein et al). Braden's work appears to suggest that "time" is real, or at least, that certain conditions obey a repeating structured sequential format that we could refer to as "time." If true, this book could change much about what we think we know about "time." Unexplained are the possible physical mechanisms linking "time" to the conditions that result. I hope some research physicists read this book, it could lead to an interesting evolution in modern physics (or not).
  • Deborah "threadbee" - Kindle version 2013 Children's Writer's & Illustrator'sI have bought previous paperback versions of this book. This time I got it for my tablet on the kindle app to be green so it takes up less space. I am actually reading more of the content this way, and love being able to bookmark it in the kindle version. Great alternative to the paperback