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  • William Goodwin - Good, BIG, book.This is a huge book, but it is well organized and has a good index. So far, I've been able to find the answers to all my questions about using Excel 2013. Finding the answers takes careful reading and trying the examples, but I do find them. I think it's a good book for one who wants to get the most out of Excel 2013.
  • William C. Pflaum "Bill Plum" - Excellent informationIt is refreshing to know that there are doctors and researchers that tell the truth about the history of things used for decades that cure so many maladies afflicting the populations of the world. This book opens the door to the possibility of cures for all diseases. Not only that, it provides the use and dosage of H2O2 for those that want to use this therapy to rid themselves of all diseases. Of course there is the usual disclaimer to protect the author from practicing medicine without a license. That does not nullify the benefit of using what is mentioned in the book.
  • Patricia Sievert "Pati" - skeptic satisfiedI purchased this to take a "class" based on it at a nearby church. My expectations were admittedly low; I thought I'd meet some interesting people and get myself out of the house during a tough time in my life.

    I am happy to report that I'm getting MUCH more out of it than I expected. It is not designed to be read through in one weekend; it's meant as a 12 week program. Working through the book in its intended fashion has been extremely helpful for me. Meeting once a week with others going through a similar journey with the book has been helpful, but is not required. It has kept me "on schedule" with the weeks exercises. This does require a daily commitment of time, but if you are truly ready to undertake the process, you will be happy with your progress. If you are looking for a "quick fix" don't waste your time or money.
  • J. I. Monroe "bwanaart" - Inferno by Dan Brown....Why did I give this book 5 stars? Well, by thunder, Dan Brown is one helluva writer, that's why!
    I've many of his books. He never fails to keep the reader glued to his pages and subsequently amazed at the twists and turns which he's so skilled at constructing. By golly, this looks like another Tom Hanks/Langdon movie...yes indeed! If you buy it strap yourself in and hold's a doozy!