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  • Tamara M. Ledoux "TMLeDoux" - My Kindle Is A Constant CompanionWhen I first ordered my Kindle, I anxiously awaited for its arrival for about two to three weeks before it was delivered to my door step, but when it came in the first week of November, I immediately opened it to experience a whole new world of books. Being the advid reader that I am, I was, and still am, enthralled with it!
    I bring it with me where ever I go. People see me using my Kindle and ask me what it is. I tell them it's like an iPod for books (most people understand from that point), newspapers and magazines. I show them how it works with a short demonstration and they're totally impressed! I've made a convincing sales person for the Kindle and have probably inspired, at least three purchases, by now.
    I love my Kindle! It saves a lot of room, since I am short on bookshelf room in my living space, and saves a lot of trees!
  • Eric J. Spencley - Love it!***
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    I was looking for a cheap portable tablet to do some reading, netflix, and some internet browsing and this does them all perfectly! this is a must have gadget for all ages
  • M. Enslin - Great for TravelersI absolutely love my kindle. I received my as a birthday gift a little over a year ago and have read a ton of books on it. It is great to take with you while traveling as you can download as many books as you want and not have to carry extra weight in your luggage. Just make sure to bring your charger with you. The only draw back is you cannot share your books with friends or family.
    The best part is you get the book you want instantly! No waiting or driving to your local bookstore to find out they don't have the book in stock. This would make a great Fathers Day Gift as well as Mothers Day Gift!!