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  • Casey - highly recommended!!This stuff is awesome! I have been dealing with yeast/BV infections for the last few months, and it's become unbearable. My gyno gives me antibiotics for the BV and they do work, but then I get a yeast infection, and then a week later, I've got BV again. I have a healthy sexual life, and this is totally getting in the way!

    I tried every treatment: changed my diet, yogurt, ACV, hydrogen-peroxide bath, acedophillus capsules, you name it...

    This stuff was awesome, though pricey. I finished my first bottle a few days ago, and am so broke I can't buy another one until next week. I've already noticed a difference after going off the pills - same symptoms as before. While I was on it, though, no odor, no discharge, no pain, NOTHING! AWESOME!

    Can't wait til payday! Also, the Rephresh gel inserts work wonders too if you need to get rid of odor really quickly for a temporary fix.
  • Ashley Lang - Love it!I am a physician assistant student and this little book is quite handy to have around. I love that everything is alphabetized so that you don't even have to look up where a drug is in the index if you don't want to. So far it has has about 95% of the drugs I try to look up. It includes indications, adult and pediatric doses, contraindications, black box warnings, and even side effects. This has helped me out tremendously during my didactic studies and I am sure it will be even more helpful once I start clinicals in a few weeks.