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  • - He has no peer

    I have experienced - over the last 40 years - many of the states so eloquently portrayed and described by Mr Grey. These are states that go beyond the verbal consensual validations we use to describe things in our everyday speech. These are exceptionally prescient glimpses into a land beyond our 3-dimensional atomic structure, and what is so wonderful is that these universal truths are not limited by religion. It is not necessary to "be" a Buddhist, a Hindu, etc. My "Collective Vision," so similar in its representation of a spiritual 'collective unconscious,' is in no way dimmed because I hold the resurrected Messiah in my heart. These are precious truths, and we are fortunate to behold this art.
    My own journey out of schizophrenia holds many of these images as signposts ()

  • R. Garrelts - The Comprehensive Security Suite

    Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security Premium is Trend's best effort yet and provides protection for nearly every facet of today's wired lifestyle.

    Here's what's in the box:
    Anti-Virus+: Trend's Anti-Virus+ suite protects your PC from malicious code, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, etc. The Anti-virus suite will always run in the background of your PC and is geared toward a reactive protection. That is, something has to trigger the AV for the software to react.

    Internet Security: This suite will block known malicious websites or downloads. This should be considered proactive security. Meaning that it will prevent a user from entering websites that are known to spread things like trojans, viruses, etc. Internet Security will also scan emails in thick client software suites like Microsoft Outlook.

    Maximum Security: This suite includes secure cloud storage services, online back-up up to 50gb called SafeSync(non-premium edition users get 10gb), remote lock features in case of PC theft, and integration with social networking sites. Additionally the package includes protection for smartphone and tablet users which can be downloaded and activated via your devices App Store or Market. The last bit is a product called Smart Surfing for Mac users (not reviewed here)

    As you can see Trend has really geared this product to extend protection beyond the desktop PC or laptop.

    Previous to installing Titanium Maximum Security I was using Trend's 2011 Anti-Virus+ and Internet Security Suites. Installation included removing the old AV and Internet Security suites and required one restart. Other than that installation was quick and easy. At the end of installation you'll be prompted to create an account with Trend via your browser. This account will also be used to access the Cloud storage features and for SafeSync. Existing Trend users will need to login to the site.

    One area that remains a mystery to me is Trend's choice not to prompt users to create a root password for the user interface (UI). Unless you specifically dig into the options via the UI and enable the password the UI is completely accessible. This seems like an oversight for otherwise solid software.

    User Interface:
    Clean and instantly familiar to anyone who has used a Trend product in the last 4 years. Here you can configure scan options such as date and time for automated scans, detail of protection, what to do with malicious files (auto delete or user option), monthly activity reports, a security summary, and much more. Premium Edition users get access to some very cool tools such as Secure Erase/Permanent Erase which overwrites deleted files with random data to prevent the data from ever being restored and accessed.

    For Premium Edition users you'll have access to 50gb of cloud storage via SafeSync. I immediately tested this product out making a backup of all my music files (over 5000 individual tracks), approximately 23gb worth of music data. The SafeSync software is very, very easy to use and is reminiscent of a Windows Explorer window with a collapsible folder tree on the left side of the UI. Here you can create new folders and drag and drop files which will be synced to Trend's servers automatically. The initial sync process (23gb of data) took about 2 full days to complete with my PC on constantly. Trend included the ability to pause the sync at any time and then hitting the play button to resume exactly where you left off. Time for syncing files depends greatly on several factors including the size of the data and your own upload speeds. After my initial sync completed I went back and added some more files all less than 100mb and they were uploaded very quickly.

    Further the SafeSync feature works with iPhone/iOS and Android powered devices to sync data automatically from your device. This is a really cool feature for making on-the-go backups of things like pictures from your smartphone. Anyone who's ever lost pictures of music because your phone was lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair should love this feature.

    One gripe I do have with the SafeSync feature is that after activating my product via the product key I was only allotted 10gb of storage. This is contrary to the box of the product which prominently features "50gb of synchronized online storage" on the front. It took a call to Trend Micro to fix the issue. Still it's a silly technicality that shouldn't exist.

    Mobile Security:
    Android users also get access to Trend's Mobile Security. It's an app downloaded from the Android Market with some very cool features. First, you get an "App Scanner" which scans all of your apps looking for malicious applications. This is great as anyone who's browsed the Android Market knows, it's a virtual free for all out there. The scan is as easy as pressing a single button and finished on my DroidX in about 2 minutes and that included scanning my 15gb SDHC card.

    You'll also get the ability to filter content via some very easy and lockable UI controls (great for parents for preventing kids from browsing inappropriate content). The filterable content includes websites, text blocking, and call blocking. These are all handled via "blocked or approved" lists and are very easy to configure. Further there's a full "history" tab to see what it is that your kids are surfing and thus what should be blocked.

    The last bit of Mobile Security is the Lost Device Protection which includes "Find My Android" a feature that allows you to find your phone via the GPS function and map it on Google Maps. From Trend's website you can also activate a loud "scream" that alerts you where you phone is. You can also remotely lock the phone and display a message alerting the person who found your phone to contact you via an email of your choosing. You'll also have the option of remotely wiping your phone and locking the phone to the SIM card to prevent someone from swapping in a new SIM.

    The Mobile Security app might be my favorite part of this suite and I have been using it on my and my wife's phones. Hopefully we never have to actually use any of the features but it's nice to know we can potentially recover our phones or protect our data should we lose them.

    The only shortcoming I can see in this package is cost. Each of the suites offered in this bundle is fantastic but requires a yearly license renewal which in my experience with Trend isn't going to be cheap.

    TL;DR version:
    A great bundle of software that includes protection for you PC and mobile devices as well as cloud storage services. Perhaps the most comprehensive protection package available to the home user. Easy to install and easy to use even for non-technical people. Potential to get burned: yearly license renewals.

  • David E. Talbert "Yolanda J. Talbert" - Fighting a spiritual battle.

    Sarah Palin is so courageous to be fighting a spiritual battle against liberal idealism. I found her book insightful of how we take for granted our freedoms, right of speech, freedom to worship, etc., until is can be taken away from us, if don't stand up & fight! Powerful book about how we look at Christmas & what it means to us Christians, in this day.