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  • Valerie "Linares" - Very good points!!I also want to add the common response of "How else are we supposed to gain the necessary skills and maturity to be in healthy marriages? The whole point of dating people before marriage is to prepare us for a healthy marriage".

    When we ask this kind of question, what it shows is our distrust in God's ability to prepare us for marriage. We could not save, grow, or fix ourselves in the first place, how can we expect that we could do it in this matter? God knows us better than we know ourselves. He is our Maker and our Creator. Of course He would know how to prepare us for His purpose! From reading the negative reviews of this book it seems the root of the reason why they object to it is because they really don't trust God to not only provide them a life mate in His perfect timing, but also doubt His capability to prepare us for them. I totally agree with Josh Harris in this book. What he is saying is so true. It challenges us to love others the way the Lord loves us. Complete, pure and unconditional.

    Josh shows us that dating the mainstream way of testing person after person as though they were a selection at a dating buffet, is selfish. And it is. We as Christians can and should trust that God has our best interests at heart. He knows us more than we know ourselves. Therefore He is more than capable of selecting a mate for us and preparing us for that mate.

    In saying this, it DOES NOT mean that this future mate will be perfect. Of course they won't, that would be unrealistic. But they will be perfectly compatible with us as God designed. Yeah, marriage is going to be hard as it ever was since the fall of humanity. The difference is when we choose to stick around during those difficult times, choosing to seek the Lord in those times and choosing, YES CHOOSING to love unconditionally. If the marriage fails, it does not mean that God choose the wrong mate for us, it means that our flesh got in the way and we chose to give into our selfish desires.

    On another note, Josh's intention was not to "scare" singles into staying single. All he was saying is to trust God's provision and His timing. So many times we as humans want what we want when we want it. Just like little kids at a candy store. The time that we spend being single is the time the Lord uses to draw us closer to Him and prepare us for our future mate if He so wills us to have one. Then by the time the right one comes along at the right timing, we'll be so close to the Lord that we'll be able to know God's voice when He says "This person is the one I have for you". It all boils down to one thing: TRUST GOD like you trust the air you breathe!
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