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  • Gabriela - I'm very happy with this cookbook!All the recipes I have tried from this cookbook are simply DELICIOUS! They are also easy to make, the ingredients are relatively easy to find (you do need to go to an Arab store for Sumac and Zaatar for example...but as I see it, that's part of the adventure!). The results are wonderful: the food looks and tastes deliciously...the flavors are simple and yet blend wonderfully to create something "wow"!!! I shared the Cauliflower fritters with friends and they were quite impressed at the work of my hands!! ;) (and I'm just a beginner cooking "aficionada" -I let them believe I know how to cook of course - but I love eating well and prefer cooking than eating out...I want to know what's in my food!!). I was selecting the recipes for this week (after finishing my yummy red bell pepper soup and I said to myself that I needed to share my review with others because this cookbook has given me several happy moments!). Buen Provecho!!! :-)
  • Denis Vukosav - Johnnie walked along the line and frequently crossed it, but nevertheless will remain forever in the memory..."Johnny Cash: The Life" by Robert Hilburn is a biography of this distinctive musician who throughout his entire career attracted attention due to his music but also due to his behavior, which was anything but conventional.

    Although I don't consider myself being great fan of Johnny Cash there are many of his songs that I like to listen. And due to the fact that I learned most about his turbulent life from a great movie "Walk the line", in which he was exceptionally well-acted by Joaquin Phoenix, I wanted to read this biography.

    Inside, reader can find good overview of Johnny Cash's private life and music career that start from his youth he spent in Arkansas, time he spent in the Army and his ups and downs during the exciting music career that somehow ended with his moving "Hurt" video.

    The fact is that the author doesn't beautifies things about Johnny's life, revealing some truths that won't appeal to those who previously weren't familiar with this information, for example when he's telling about his first wife Vivian cheating with other girls than June, on cheating June with her own sister, or the real truth how serious drug addict he was.
    But as well, he had done some good things like getting Glen Sherley paroled or giving his money to charity.
    While telling his story, both good and bad things, the author doesn't take either side nor gives his attitude. Instead he is just telling the facts and leave judgment of Johnny's life to each reader for her/himself.

    Sadly, this book confirms what was seen in the movie that the roots of his violent and unpredicted behavior lie in relation to whom he had with his father who preferred his tragically deceased brother, and looked on Johnnie as unworthy.
    This is especially evident in the fact how his character changed after the tragedy, compared to Johnnie who was before quite different gentle boy who loved books.

    The author was able to get to know Johnnie well through his life, and interesting information is that he was the only member of the press who was at the legendary Folsom Prison concert in 1968.
    Also, he interviewed both Johnny and June in 2003 which was their last interviews before they died.
    Through many of his interviews with Johnnie and other people who worked, lived with or knew Johnny Cash, the author exposed his personal and musical merits and demerits, and shows this artist as true icon of the music scene that despite all the failures in his life will remain forever remembered.

    "Johnny Cash: The Life" is a well-made and informative biography not only for fans of this distinctive musician, but due to his contribution to the music scene, to all lovers of rock 'n roll and music in general.

    Johnnie was a man who was walking along the line and frequently crossed it, but nevertheless will remain forever in the memory...
  • Lynnie "blessed by books" - Convenience!This brewer is so convenient to use. In the morning when we are rushed we can make a hot drink in about two minutes by quickly pouring water to the desired level in the top, placing the selected drink container in the machine, and pressing a button. My husband uses it for coffee, and I use it for hot tea and hot chocolate. The bright blue color looks lovely on my dark blue granite.
  • Ron Braithwaite - Excellent book and very timelyI believe that most of us are pretty optimistic about individual trends in technology, but a little worried about where they are all going. And, in fact, I suspect that most of us are a bit uncertain about where all this progress is taking us. There are plenty of pundits who are more than willing to reinforce that unease and try to turn it into outright terror.

    Scoble and Israel take the different tack of optimism, while acknowledging some of the serious risks (especially around privacy) that we face. They are convinced that Google Glass, or something greatly like it, will bring huge benefits to users, despite some issues. They cover LOTS of ground on the different products and technologies that are just starting to happen and talk about the implications of those gadgets on our current reality.

    It was wonderful to read something that reinforced my basic optimism about the future. Instead of focusing on how we are all doomed, we need to have a vision of a future that will offer benefits for all and that will give us the tools to meet the challenges we now face.

    I highly recommend this book.
  • Kal Cobalt "author and seeker" - Fascinating, well-written read.I've been waiting for a book like this. Too often, I get "stuck" in books that are theory only. "2012" offers an engaging hybrid of very personal autobiography mixed with excellent, well-balanced dissertations on a variety of myths, theories, and occult phenomena. Pinchbeck's bravery at weaving his own story into these theories results in a deeply engaging work that's almost impossible to put down.

    For anyone who, like me, has been seeking a "way in" to some of the drier, more difficult-to-comprehend aspects of consciousness and its theories, this is an excellent open door. You won't think of anything quite the same (particularly "reality") once you've finished it.