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  • Adam Faughn - Straightforward and Thought-ProvokingAn updated edition of Joshua Harris's most well-known book, this volume was one I was quite surprised to be available for free for review, so I jumped at the chance to get it.

    The volume takes a look at how most people in our culture think of dating, and basically puts that mindset over against Biblical principles of wisdom and purity. Harris is very straightforward with his comparisons, but not so blunt that he does not allow the reader to think for himself.

    The book talks about how we are always trying to get boys and girls to "couple up," but how they often are not ready for such levels of intimacy--both physical and emotional--before they are married. Many young people, even in the Christian world, have been brought up thinking they have to go from one relationship to another, but Harris challenges that thinking by simply asking how that is preparing them for a lifelong marital relationship.

    Further, when young people (or even young adults) are involved with another person, the attraction can almost become obsessive. We like to think of that as love, but it could be something that is not love at all. Harris is simply challenging us to think about this almost compulsive behavior when we are not married.

    I found this book to be challenging, and one that I plan to keep "at the ready" not only for when my children are old enough to think about dating, but for sermons and classes about parenting and for young people, as well. Harris is open and honest about both his strengths and his weaknesses, and the book is highly readable. I very strongly recommend it.
  • encino78 - Better than an IpadFirst off let me say that this is by far the best tablet I have ever owned. I've gone through ipads and kindles, but this is the cherry on top.

    Pro: Everything: The sound is incredible, the screen is great, the battery is amazing. I give this product a 5/5 hands down the best money can buy. Samasung really delivered a great product.

    Cons: I'm not sure why, but samsung decided that non of us like to play with our tablets while charging. So they made the charger extremely short. That is literally my only complaint.

    I would recommend this product to anyone. Solid, Reliable and Fun!
  • J. Hertan - Great Price - Oh yeah MS in Y2015 FTW!I gave this product 5 stars as it represents MS entry into a new era of O/S design.

    If you want remote desktop, centralized storage of your OS settings, AND the familiarity of the old windows, then this product is for you.

    There are many haters out there. I look at them as intelligent people that don't have the time to beta test for Microsoft. I on the other hand appreciate MS attempt. I supported Google through their development of Chrome OS and Android. I don't see a reason why not to support MS during this time as well.

    This product is for users that have a desktop PC, loves remote desktop, knows how to use keyboard shortcuts, and wants to experience the greatest iteration of Windows ever created.
  • Charles Runels Md "research physician & fathe... - Go watch the movie..."Ground Hog Day"...In the movie Ground Hog Day, Bill Murray cannot seduce the woman of his dreams until he eventually just forgets the woman and works on creating a better Bill Murray.

    The best way to attract is to actually be attractive.

    Strauss teaches that being attractive deals with who you are and what you are doing on the planet (not just with your attire and body shape). Surprisingly, much of the point of one of these two books is simply about how to create a better self (not so much about crazy sexual adventure). Here you will find a step-by-step improvement plan that includes details of grooming, presence, speech, goal development, and social interactions.

    It can be a handicapp to be honest and loving but be seen as cold and manipulative. Seduction techniques can actually help an honest person avoid being misinterpreted.

    If you are already successful in the social and business world, most of this will be review. But, you may find a few blind spots if you breeze through the plan.

    Though the game of seduction can be cruel and manipulative and used for ill means. Like any powerful tool, it can be used for good as well. In the best use, seduction means being deliciously attractive in who you are and what you are about. Christ was seductive in this sense; attractive in love and power to the point that people were happier for giving up everything to follow him around.

    I have a 16-year-old son. The 30 day plan offers him good starting strategies for developing social and business skill. But, the detailed advice should be valuable for most men and women of any age.

    Charles Runels, MD
  • liza0330 - A Christmas Miracle...Original unedited version found with my Husband's Christmas Three Wolf Moon Tee Shirt:

    December 24, 2009

    Dear Dean,

    Before you unleash the magical world awaiting you, allow me to tell you a little story....

    About six-hundred years ago I was sitting in the local grog hall trying to avoid the black plague. I was down to my last shilling, my clothes were in tatters and my feet were pretty gross. Halitosis was starting to take over, I had the clap and my nose was runny...
    Anyway, a shady type sauntered into the hall and approached me with an object so powerful, so magical, so mysterious that my life has never been the same (he said he found it in a pile of horse dung and did I need some rags for my feet). Unbeknownst to him, this rag was indeed something out of the ordinary. Once you cast eyes upon it, you too will understand....
    This rag alone is responsible for the transformation I am about to describe. Immediately after donning this rag I stumbled upon a crimson and fur coat and hat. Magically whole leather boots appeared upon my feet. Then a herd of magical flying deer showed up outside my hovel! It was incredible but nothing compared to the red sleigh. Shortly after that, I met a troop of traveling circus midgets, talented in the art of toy making beyond belief. One of the fellows produced a large amount of magical dust and things became very merry indeed! My hovel was transformed into a mighty fortress complete with workshop and stable. The midgets and the deer were happy, safe and warm!
    Next appeared a most lovely wench, talented in the arts of creating sweets and good drink.(She had a rather nice arse as well). Her it was who suggested making toys and flying to all corners of the earth to gift others. Needless to say, we all remain happy and content with our chosen calling. Six hundred years is a pretty good run after all....
    Now it is time to pass on some of the magic I have enjoyed these many years.

    Your brother in magical Woofiness,

    S. Clause

    PS. See disclaimer on website.