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  • sal d - really great helmet camif your looking to get a helmet cam for a good price..look no farther..this camera is in a great price range..i found that with other cameras you either have to spend 70$ which is far too little or 300$ which can create a hole in your pocket. the tachyon xc has great adjustment to all light. if its a really bright day out the video practically looks HD. i love how there is no on/off button..its all operated with the push of one on/record and off/stop record button. i took it snowboarding a few times and it worked great. the only thing thats bad is the sound quality. but other than that..its very durably and very easy to mount...its by far the best camera on the market for just 100$
  • Donna - Good item.My husband has a weight problem . . . he can't seem to gain back the weight he lost in the last couple of years. The doctor recommended Ensure, so he has been drinking two of these "Ensure Plus" containers every day. It has really helped. I like the idea that we can buy this online and have it delivered to the house and we don't have to go to the grocery store and then have to lift a case or two of these into and out of the car and then get them into the house. We are not young any more, so this online purchase has really helped us in more ways than one.
  • MicheleLB "Michele" - It's great but I feel it's nothing that I couldn't get for free from another providerI've always been a big fan of certain "free" antivirus suites. My absolute favorite is AVG Antivirus, which is totally free and available all over the web. I did test-drive this anti-virus program, however, and found it to be incredibly stable and useful. It is definitely worth the money to protect your system and that it has 3 licenses is so important because everyone has more than one computer nowadays! As a paid product I found this to be the best antivirus program I have tried yet. I am a big fan of the free, but if you don't trust "free" then this is a really great way to go!
  • J. Madonna - Works great as an e-reader, taking pictures, video and surfing the webThis review is for the ipad mini 16GB Wi-Fi in black

    I bought this ipad mini for a birthday present for my wife, she has one of the original nooks for reading digital books and an ipod G4 and she wanted a device that would eliminate having to use the nook and ipod, the ipad mini is the perfect solution for this! I was torn between getting the mini or the regular size ipad, I chose the mini because its about the same size as her nook, the ipad mini is thinner than the nook which we have now given to our 12 year old daughter for books she is required to read for school, we'll be giving the ipod to a less fortunate family that cannot afford one as my daughter has her own ipod.

    The Apple app for reading digital books (called ibooks) is actually better than the nook because books can be read in different orientations. ibooks supports PDF format and epub, epub displays the best as it has options to change the font size etc. Any books that come in PDF can be converted to epub (or other formats) for free on numerous converters found online.

    Game apps load much faster on the ipad and are much more enjoyable to play than on the ipod

    The wireless is much better on the ipad than on the ipod as the ipod kept disconnecting and reconnecting from the Internet on our home network, the ipad mini doesn't have this problem.

    Surfing the Internet is a breeze as well, my wife never used her ipod to surf the Internet, now that she has the ipad mini she surfs the web frequently.

    It takes great pictures and video which are then uploaded to FB.

    We'll be taking the ipad mini with us on a cruise and we'll see how it performs once connected to the wireless network on the ship, we'll be using it to check email etc, I'll be updating this review in regard to performance after the cruise.

    I have never used the standard size ipad so I cannot compare the mini to the standard ipad.