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    i admit. i was reluctant to buy a new PC, and was actually thinking about buying a Mac, because of all the bad reviews Windows 8 got. but i was forced to use it because my sister gave me a new laptop as a Christmas gift. and to be honest, i LOVE Windows 8. is it a little confusing confusing when i first got it? is anything new and unfamiliar. but once i figured it out, my experience with Windows 8 is better than my experience with any other Windows before it.

    and I have never had a PC that booted of this fast before. windows 8 literally boots right up as soon as you press the power button. there's no loading screen or anything. it literally goes straight to the login screen.

    and windows 8 gives you a lot more ways to customize and personalize it than any windows before it. when i first got it, it took me more than an hour to set up not because it really takes that long to set up but because of all the different ways you can customize it.

  • carol grubb - A great love story.

    I loved the story. The characters were great and I loved their interaction. I always enjoy a medical setting it makes it more interesting.

  • minpeach - Pets Best Natural Flea Killer

    This product amazingly helped us get rid of a flea infestation in our home with 5 indoor only cats. We think we brought the fleas back from a vacation in the south. We also use something else on their bodies that we could not find on Amazon, so I won't mention the name unless requested. Fleas are almost all gone. We don't want to use pesticides because they are full of bad ingredients that can harm cats. So, finding natural products that actually works have made us a very happy family!

  • Maureen Orozco - Very lightweight - My back is happy

    I'm very happy with this purchase. We have used the stroller for 4 months now and I highly recommend it.
    The stroller is very lightweight (especially important to me because I have a herniated back disc); it's very easy to fold and maneuver, and the click-in system (in combination with the B-Save car seat) makes my life easier. I originally wanted adjustable handlebars because my husband and I are pretty tall (6'1'' & 5'10'') but I'm glad to say I do not miss this feature at all because the stroller bars are long enough.
    I also like the large canopy that protects my baby from the sun and/or win.

    A couple of cons: the bassinet is quite small (we resolved the issue by attaching "stroller clips" to strap the diaper bag to the stroller); and there is no parent's console (I have found myself with a drink and no place to put it - so a cup holder is in the list of things to buy). If you are thinking about getting the red stroller keep in mind that it will show up stains and dirt a lot easier than the black one (I have kept the stroller clean by using cloths and water only).

    Overall, I really love this stroller. It's compact, good quality, and easy to use.

  • Ken Berglund - The Best Rock Album of All Time!

    A masterpiece in every sense of the word. Pink Floyd's epic, sprawling tome on loneliness and isolation should be in every serious rock collectors shelf. There isn't any album out there that sounds anything like this, and probably never will. It also contains the greatest Pink Floyd song of all time, "Comfortably Numb". Forget Eminem, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, or whoever the flavor of the month is, this IS Rock and Roll.