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  • E. Hunter Hale - Full of GREAT Ideas to Make Better VideosThis book is fun to read and has plenty of good ideas and tips to help improve videos being shot by non-proffesionals. The author shares ideas for improving the watchability of videos by how and why to shoot things differently then one normally would. He offers exercises to help the cameraman think in terms of visually telling a story without boring the viewer. Even if you are more advanced as a photographer there is plenty of thought provoking ideas to make this worth reading. I bought this for a friend who is just getting starting in using a video camera but found myself wanting to read it from start to finish.
  • Adrian G. Zvarych "Bass Man" - Solid high-performance, great screen clarityWhat a great alternative to the i-family products. IMO Samsung products have been reliable technology products for us. We have three Samsung smart phones, a couple Samsung external drives, and a few other Samsung products around the house. When having the opportunity to purchase the Tab 2 10.1 at a great refurbished price from a reputable Amazon dealer, I didn't think twice.

    The unit I purchased does not have the 4G option. It's an expensive adder initially as well as monthly. Most locations I use it have WiFi available, or I can turn my phones' Hot Spot feature on. Apple products are also high quality; I would place this unit side-by-side with an iPad for my purposes any day and smile because I know I saved some serious cash and still have a very high quality tablet to use.
  • Martin - Great Bike!I think that this bike is great for the price (I paid $360). I am a 6'6'' guy and this is the first bike that actually fits me well. It is solid, with great components and rides very smoothly. I highly recommend this to anyone who is willing to put some time into assembling it (Only a few parts here and here) The seat is good, and the Disk brakes are a big plus! Also, 29' wheels makes it easier to go over obstacles while riding on trails (i.e. tree roots, rocks, etc).