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  • B. Simeon "MomsBandB" - A ChallengeI absolutely loved this book. I'll be honest. We don't have much. We sometimes don't even get the bills paid on time. So at points in this book I was thinking, "This is for those who have the big suburban house and the retirement plan and the landscaped lawn." But I was challenged to re-think the long list of things I wish I had. Let's face it, even in our current difficult financial condition, we are richer than over 84% of the world. So what right, what nerve, what audacity do I have to complain that I only have.....

    It is time the church remembered how to live as if heaven is all that matters -- because it really is. It is time we stopped being OF this world, stopped storing up treasure HERE instead of THERE, stopped looking at people as THEM and started looking at them as people dearly loved by God who have no hope without him, stopped focusing on our own list of things we want to accomplish and started focusing on the Creator's divine purpose for our lives.

    I highly recommend this book and am convinced that you cannot read it and not be moved to re-evalute your priorities and goals. For us, we have started saving for a house-building trip to Mexico next Spring. May God move mightily through our measly efforts and may all the Glory be His!

    **My thanks to Waterbrook Multnomah for a free copy of this book to read.
  • jeffpeace - This book can save your LIFE! There is HOPE in this book.This book is amazing! 27 year of Crohn's hell - symptoms every day and flare ups. EVERY doctor told me diet had nothing to do with the disease. I did most of the drugs they recommend. They only worked for a short time. I got a bad fistula - "you must get surgery and be on drugs the rest of your life" was the mantra. I read the book. The theory made total sense and started the diet - following it 100%. I started to feel better in a day. Symptoms decrease and disappeared. Please Read this book (cover to cover) and join some of the online discussion groups. There are lots of people who are healing themselves with this diet and who have made lots of great contributions to the knowledge base (online) that is presented in the book.
  • Sigrid "Small state" - Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary RadicalsFive stars! The use of this text 'centers' our day as we use it every morning and often at night. We gave a copy to each member of our Worship, Music and the Arts Committee. As a group, we try to stay connected and present to God and one another by the discipline of daily common prayer. We find it very meaningful and the prayers very immediate.

    One difficulty is some of the male language for God. No one tampers with the "Glory be to the Father. . . " I guess, except the Carmelite nuns who use "Glory to You, Source of All Being, Eternal Word, and Holy Spirit" (People's Companion to the Breviary) which expands the imagery for God. We use this language instead. And today, in the Songbook section, we came upon "Precious is the blood that makes me white as snow. . . ," a racial reference to "purity." These might seem minor, but our language reveals who we believe God and ourselves to be. In our family, we simply make the changes and move on.

    Thanks to Claiborne, Wilson-Hartgrove and Okoro for this meaningful guide to daily prayer that remains with us all day.
  • Melanie Garbs - Ecstatic about my sons new wheels!I bought this stroller after purchasing the b-safe car seat. I live in Alaska and it's currently winter here, so I wasn't sure how often I'd actually use this to make a travel system since there's so much snow and it might have been more trouble than it was worth. Not the case! This is SUPER easy to push and control, even in the snow, one-handed while I'm holding my 3 year olds hand!!! I get so many compliments on this stroller and am so happy my husband convinced me to spend the extra $$$ so I can push my son around in his car seat via this stroller as opposed to hauling him around everywhere! And did I mention the CRAZY EASY open and folding feature?!?!! :-O a mothers dream! If I could give this 10 stars, I would!
  • Sherri A. Martin "book babe" - I loved it.I actually made a mistake and posted my comments to The Choice, which I also enjoyed. I enjoyed reading this book until the end and I got really upset because it just ended....but, there was an epilogue and it made the book wonderful. I truly enjoyed the book and read the 3 prequels afterwards.