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  • Raivyn "Raivyn" - Stood the test of time - best umbrella strollerEDIT 11/5/12: Not long after I gave away my P3, I scheduled a trip to visit family out of town. Unfortunately, the car we would all be using was not large enough to accommodate my BOB stroller, plus I was concerned about it getting damaged by baggage handlers. So I followed my own advice and picked up a used P3!

    This particular used one had issues staying closed, and one side of the canopy kept coming off the frame. But it still was easy to maneuver, nothing was actually broken on it, and it opened/shut just fine (though again, it had difficulty staying shut).

    This time I'm keeping this old P3. I did contact Peg Perego and got the refurb kit (some of the older strollers were recalled), so I'm not worried about it at all.

    ORIGINAL REVIEW: I'm posting this review because my Peg Perego Pliko P3 is now 6 years old and is being passed on to be enjoyed by another baby. I hope folks who are considering purchasing a used P3 will find this review helpful. I also hope that parents who are considering purchasing a new one will find this helpful, too, mine has lasted at least 3 kids, so it is a worthy investment.

    With the exception of a few squeaks, this stroller has and continues to perform superbly. It is very easy to push, highly maneuverable (I have a BOB also, so that is an important feature to me), not a single piece of plastic or aluminum has broken off, and everything functions. For a well used stroller, that is a testament to how durable these P3s are. The only issues my 6 year-old stroller has is:

    -When folded, it may start to open as you lift it up by the carrying handle.
    -It doesn't just pop open like a new one. I will flop it open and then have to step on the toddler step in the rear to open it completely.
    -One of the Peg Perego name badges fell off.
    -I lost the attached cupholder, but it was too small to be overly functional anyway.

    I don't think the issues my P3 has should deter anyone from purchasing an older model or a new one. If you are considering a used one, definitely test the folding mechanism and the opening mechanism to see if it is to your liking. If you are thinking of a new one, keep in mind that those may be future issues to deal with. Neither are deal breakers IMO. My BOB starts to open when folded because it is only kept closed by the jogging strap, and it doesn't always pop open easily either. And it is only two years old and more expensive!

    If you are in the market for an umbrella stroller or a travel system, the P3 is definitely the way to go and worth every penny. It folds compactly and is lightweight like a typical umbrella stroller, but has the benefits of a full size stroller such as great maneuverability, easy to push, reclining backrest, large canopy, adjustable handles, and very stable (with a car seat or toddler in it for weight).

    A couple of accessories I recommend are the J.L. Childress Side Sling Cargo Net and the J.L. Childress Cups N Cargo Stroller Organizer. As other reviews have mentioned, the storage and cup holder design of this stroller isn't very practical, and these two accessories help resolve that.

    Best of luck on the stroller search!
  • - A new high point for Pink FloydI remember being 12 years old and hearing my mother play a tape of this in the car a few months after its release. I remember being an immiture and happy-go-lucky Spin Doctors and Dave Matthews Band band jokingly mocking High Hopes with lines like "And the cement was harder. And bottles are plasticer." Now, I am a smarter 17 year old Portishead fan who has everyone of those cassette tapes Mom bought of Pink Floyd in his room. Of those tapes, I consider this album behind only Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here in quality. I am so glad to finally have it on CD. If it is not a "real Pink Floyd album" then that's even better! Now there are two bands who can change my mood with a song and drive me to tears and smiles back-to-back (Wearing the Inside Out and Take It Back.) It's too bad the last two Pink Floyd albums are the two most prejudged albums in rock history. I guess you know what Gilmour said "Sometimes you just can't win." Yes, I am fully aware of all of the co-songwriting credits. I see nothing wrong with that. They are just replacing a part of the band that left when Waters bailed. Is there anything wrong with the fact that Waters has secsion musician drummers on his solo albums? Both are merely to improve the work. 85% of the record was written by David Gilmour, his wife and/or Rick Wright ensuring it was not just a faceless bunch of individuals on each song and that is not how it sounds by a long shot. The advise from Lost For Words seems to go right along with the situation described in the second Roger-inspired line of Poles Apart. This album is a mature, grim, and strange journey and a wonderful oddity.
  • Diane - ShatteringTerribly haunting and difficult to read as a mother. But a sound warning to all of the potential destruction the world is capable of. Some critics seem to find this version of apocalypse impossible, but I can envisage a potential chain of events that could lead to such a future. Depressing. Too bad five stars gets an 'I love it!', as this is not exactly the words I'd use.
  • Michael J. Hart "Face" - Can't Wait!!!!My son and I saw Rush in September 2010 in NJ and again in April 2011 in Hershey during this remarkable tour. I can't wait to watch and listen to this video and CD. Rush helped get my son into the 'real' music of my time and inspired him to take up drums. The trio makes more sound both live and in studio than most 6 piece bands could ever hope for. I look forward to their next tour as well as their next work of pure art!
  • Carolyn "Carolyn B." - I can vacuum again.I was hesitant to spend this much money on a stick vacuum, however, I love my Dyson. I am disabled and vacuum about once every two months because of hip, back and leg problems. I now can vacuum every day...don't have to worry about losing my balance because of the cord dragging behind me...don't have to lug the two heavy vacuums I have this way and that! I am very happy with this product. I vacuum all the time now without issues. Keep up the good work, Dyson!