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  • Reihan M. Salam - Expecting Better is an excellent resource for expectant mothersOur understanding of pregnancy is shaped by a great deal of folk-wisdom that doesn't really withstand scrutiny. Age-old myths continue to shape how women and their families approach an extraordinarily difficult, strenuous part of their lives, and this is a real threat to the well-being of mothers everywhere. Oster cuts through the myths surrounding pregnancy, and she does it in a responsible, rigorous, and smart way. She's not offering easy answers, and she is absolutely not suggesting that pregnant women shouldn't be careful and responsible. Rather, she is offering informed, data-driven advice -- drawing on the best scientific evidence -- about what really matters and what doesn't. I really wish people, including some of the people who've been misrepresenting the contents of her book, would sit down and actually read it. I highly recommend checking out the WSJ's excerpt: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323514404578652091268307904.html
  • Jill C. Murphy - Align ProbioticI depend on this product to make my life easier. While it isn't a prescription drug it is a very important part of my daily life. I purchase a box of Align once a month and the cost has been, like many other products, increasing in price over time. When I purchased the first box it was about $25 and now I have to search hard to find it for under $32 per box. When I found that Amazon carried it I purchased two boxes right away. They arrived within the week.

    I've purchased many items from Amazon from books to cast iron cookware and have never been disappointed. I'm not a fan of Walmart and just prefer not to shop in a store that tells a manufacturer how to make or sell a product. I'm all for free enterprise so I choose to shop on Amazon.com and haven't found any reason to stop now.
  • HoTtie247 - Great stuff!!!!I am a face cream junkie! I don't want to get OLD! It's definitely an unhealthy fear, but I manage HAHA.
    So I have tried and hoarded from A-Z. My husband can't watch the show "Intervention" without giving me and my face creams the side-eye.
    So last month while enabling my addiction I came across the ad for an "all in one" cream that could replace my 6 product routine, got the cream shipped to my job (TO AVOID THE SIDE EYE) and fell in love instantly! The texture was great, its not oily or greasy so no raccoon eyes `cause of smudgy eyeliner! But like all good things, love can be bittersweet :/
    Lifecell didn't replace all of my skincare products, I still have to apply SPF 15 and I still have to use a moisturizer since I live in super cold and dry Colorado, BUT it did replace my eye cream and anti aging serum. The effect I got from using lifecell is like nothing I've seen before. I saw skin tightening within 3 weeks. I even saw the fine lines on my lips start to disappear. I can wear red lipstick now and not feel insecure about the cracks! I love it.
  • tasha - Great book by Dr Phil!Borrowed this book from the library! Needed to buy one so my nephew could read it. We will have a long discussion after he reads it. Great insight into people. I am able to pinpoint and recognize people's actions. It will help me deal with people more effectively.
    This book is an easy read. Love it!!!!
  • carla - Great light strollerI researched a lot before i purchased this. The pros are:
    1- light
    2- large canopy- very important to me because i live in florida
    3-has a nice pocket on the back of canopy where i place my wallet and phone
    4- handles are high
    5- i like that it reclines enough that my son can sleep comfortably
    small basket - expected given it is an umbrella stroller