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  • J. A. KONRATH "Thriller Author" - $45 well spent

    After downloading the Tuscan Whole Milk to my new Kindle Fire, I can read ebooks, surf the web, play games, and get my vitamin D, all using the same device.

    I applaud Amazon for their innovation. Sure, digital milk may be more expensive than the stuff you get at the grocery store, but it is transferred to your Kindle in seconds via Wifi or 3G, and the convenience makes up for the higher cost. And for a full 128 ounces, it only takes up 50mb on your device. It also tastes great, though I recommend refrigerating your Kindle for half an hour prior to drinking. You can also heat up your Kindle in the microwave for warm milk, which can help you sleep. But be careful doing this! If you overheat your Kindle, it could burn your mouth.

    Also, once the current DOJ lawsuit breaks up the cow cartel currently engaged in dairy price fixing, I expect the cost of this milk to come down.

  • Andre Pau - Samsung Tab 10"

    Hi bought this Tablet for my partner so she could keep up with modern trends and apps
    well pleased we do everything on it now including the monthly shop /top-up.
    Its such a handy device and has all the speed and portability of a laptop but a 1/4 of the weight.
    Touch screen takes some time to get used to but works well once you use it a bit more and become familiar.
    Ideal device and would recommend to all work or play 10" is much better than its smaller 7" and ideal for more mature users. Would rate a good 9 out of 10

  • Connie Minogue "Austin Foodie" - Turning Lemons into Lavendar Lemonade

    The Unlikely Lavender Queen is just wonderful! I was not initially drawn to it, because I couldn't imagine wanting to read a book about rural Texas (I live in Austin). When I met Jeannie Ralston at a book reading, though, I was captivated by the sections she read. It was apparent she was a very good writer - and I decided to give it a read. She changed her life and the lives of those around her (the entire community) with her vision for something bigger and better. The book inspired me to look at my life and what impact I have made or plan on making in the future. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make a change, or anyone looking for a very entertaining read.

  • S G HARPER - No Problems. Great (and cheap) car mount !!

    I hardly ever write reviews, but after reading so many negative responses on here I feel compelled to let peoiple know that I ordered a GripGo over 3 months ago now. I have an iPhone 4 which has a flat back so maybe that helps, but my phone has NEVER fallen off the sticky pad so far. No need to clean it or anything. The sucker has fallen off the window once but I think that's probably due to heat - I live in Australia. It has been great for me - a real bargain. I've read some reviews saying they didn't receive GripGo but some other make, maybe that's the problem? The GripGo has been great for me, so easy to stick the phone on there then peel it off. Looks much slicker than those holders with gripping pincers that look a bit rubbish. Well, that's my review... Has been great for me.

  • A. Trotter - Not what I expected.... but nice

    When I picked it up, I thought it would be about fingers. Perhaps on the handrail of a New York subway station. Imagine my surprise when I found I had it all wrong! At first I felt betrayed - but I read on, and was enchanted. It's a story of heartbreaking inequalities, passionate interactions, capricious changes and prophetic statements. It should be on every insomniac's beside table.