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  • Cesar J. Machado R "Cesar" - Tremendous deviceI REALLY LOVE IT!!! I bought it essentially for reading and it reached completely my expectations. At the begining I got certain discomformity becasue I couldn't download books or applications (I don't live in USA) but now they brilliantly let us do it. Since that and so far everything has been enjoyful moments. Though it has limitations for being from a first generation (no Mic, limited storing capacity and no camera), I surely recommended because it is economic, versatile, trustworthy, useful, excellent for readers, good for kids for reading and playing, good for everybody as an entertaiment and informationg media. Bravo!!
  • Gertrude, the Bad Queen "Live well, laugh lou... - What a beautiful LeapPad2!This LeapPad2 is just amazing. The Monsters theme is really appealing to children (and adults). I especially like that the case has textures, which makes it much easier to hold on to.

    The most important reason I love LeapPads is because of their educational apps. One of the amazing benefits to any of the LeapPads is the number of apps that come preinstalled. There are plenty of games to play - enough to keep a child challenged for months. I see a lot of very small children playing with iPads and as an educator; I'm not sure what benefit they have. Obviously once children are in the upper elementary, iPads become valuable tools to use for education. But up until that point it seems like the educational adaptation is pretty hit or miss. The teenagers who have been in my house the past few years are crazy in love with their iPads but they are playing games.

    I now regret all of my complaints about the lack of color involved in the Leap Pads. The green or pink and maybe a lavender cover made it difficult to tell which LeapPad was which. There will be no mistaking that this one is mine. :D. Actually, when the children are playing, they have 15 minutes on one device and then they all switch because not all of our LeapPads have the same content. Then they go out to play because it is still summer here and beautiful. But now it is easier to make sure they have switched LeapPads because they are not all green.

    The only complaint I have left is the inability to download purchased apps onto more than one LeapPad. The LeapPad Ultra did allow me to connect and download apps I had purchased previously.

    I did have some runarounds with this particular LeapPad. I have an account with a huge number of LeapFrog products attached to it and sometimes they are easy to connect and sometimes not. This one kept telling me it needed an update and then that it already had it, then that it didn't, then that I needed to restart my computer.... Not one of my favorite games. Then I discovered that the update wasn't downloading because before the needed 5 minutes, the LeapPad2 was turning off because it wasn't in use. I just kept doing what it wanted until it downloaded it. In the past, I have bought as many as 6 of a single kind of LeapFrog hand held device and some of them update and some of them play the Update game. It's always interesting to see which will do what.

    Another thing that is interesting about what is probably a new lineup for holiday sales is that this one is not much more than the regular LeapPad 2s have been until recently (usually $99). This Monsters U version adds a lot of parts to it and comes with a $20 digital download card.

    If you are a first time buyer, you may be interested in buying an LeapFrog App Center Download Card (works with all LeapPad Tablets, LeapsterGS, Leapster Explorer and LeapReader). These fluctuate in price so I leave them in my cart and generally buy them whenever they go below the $16 mark. I've heard other people say they don't buy until it goes below $12 but I have never seen that price.

    Another lifesaver is the LeapFrog AC Adapter (Works with LeapPad2, LeapPad1, LeapsterGS Explorer, Leapster Explorer and Leapster2) that works for many of the devices including the LeapPad2s

    I had never seen the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Recharger Pack (Works only with LeapPad2) for the LeapPad 2 but this is a necessity. My rechargables never seem to last very long and the LeapPads always end up with regular batteries in them. This is one of the ways that the shut-off is so wonderful. I have also seen that there is a new LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Tablet - Green (includes rechargeable battery - $40 value). These are great options. I plan to add one of theRecharger packs in short order and will probably get rechargers for all the children who have LeapPads as a stocking stuffer. They get really excited about batteries.

    Yes, I admit it. I love LeapPads.
  • Stefan "Stefan" - Great receiverI'll start off by admitting that I am not an audiophile and not an expert when it comes to this type of equipment. I picked this product out of the lineup based on features and based on some of the other reviews here, which are clearly written by people who know more about the different types of receivers and their functions.

    As for me, as a layman user who hasn't used a receiver since the olden days in which stereo systems came with different components (record player, tape deck, speakers and so on) that had to be hooked up, I found this device both intimidating and, once I started setting it up, surprisingly easy to use thanks to the onscreen Setup Assistant, which more or less walks you through the whole process. Excellent idea for the novice - like me - but probably not necessary for the expert user.

    You can configure the system as a 7.1 channel system in one room (which, in the course of this process, I learned means 7 speakers and a subwoofer) for full surround sound, or you can configure it as 5.1 in one room with another 2 speakers in a second room. I have not attempted to set up a second "zone" yet so can't comment on this feature, but it doesn't look too complicated.

    The system is able to stream Spotify (my preferred means of music consumption nowadays). It can also be controlled via an iPhone/iPad app (and an Android one) so once you've got everything set up and hooked up, it can really simplify your multimedia experience: one device does it all.

    As for sound quality: again, I'm not an audiophile so I refer you to the experts for that, but to my layman's ears everything sounds great.

    In closing: my main concerns were with ease of use and compatibility with AirPlay/Spotify etc. and I can find no fault in those regards. My only suggestions: I'm fairly sure similar functionality can be found in cheaper units, so I'd look around before committing to this (rather pricey) device unless you are confident that you really need everything this Denon AVR-E400 delivers.