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  • Jeffrey Whitcher "Beatles freak" - This Album Creeps Me Out But I Still Like ItThis is without question the darkest entry in the Pink Floyd catalog. This is some of the most sinister music you will ever hear and it is also some of the best Waters-era Pink Floyd. Want to scare the bejeezus out of your unsuspecting friends some evening? Turn out the lights, light a few candles and put this album on. The album plays like a modern rock opera adaptation of George Orwell's Animal Farm and is bookended by the autobiographical "Pigs On The Wing 1 and 2". I tend to think this song was included just to take the edge off the rest of the album because the remainder of the CD is seriously gothic. "Sheep" is an outstanding track and also the spookiest. A must-own for any serious Floyd fan and my personal favorite, scary or not.
  • MohaMAD - Mitt's BinderThank you, thank you my fellow Americans and, or course women. Eight months ago when I began my mission to be the future President of the United States' personal binder I knew, without a doubt, I was in the right hands. Today I express my gratitude for Mitt allowing me on this national stage. From my "white" plastic cover to my secure metal binder rings I share your appreciation for my contents. Within me there are pictures and names of women whom I'm sworn to never disclose to Ann Lois. To her my contents are the Golden Tablets. Golden Tablets never to seen by women but I, the official "White" binder, assure you no women photographed, photo shopped, undressed in my pages ever said NO to Mitt. Not one woman said, "Mitt, I have to leave to cook my family's dinner. Not one women with a 48 and above chest size said I am under paid. Not one woman in these pages want personnel birth control paid as a health insurance benefit. Every woman contained within my "White" binder covers agrees with everything Mitt allows them to agree with. One more thing, I personally wish to thank Mitt for having select few "Qualified" women. Without this courtesy I would be replaced by a Chinese IPad counterfeit. My name's Mitt's Binder - purchase me.
  • CNK002 - Highly recommended!OK, First of all is VERY DIFFERENT to what 99% of the world is used to.
    Second... Change is not always bad, sometimes is GREAT.
    That is the case here.
    Time for the old Desktop oriented scenario to move away for most user.
    If you are like me a more advance user and code developer, The Desktop is still there when work is needed.
    But apart form that, the OS is really fun and creative.
    WARNING... It will take some time to get use to it. Ones that happens you will be more productive and having fun using a PC ones more!
    Is time for a Upgrade. Windows 8 is here. "Go ahead dive in, the water is good... REALLY it is!"