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    - Assembly is easy but you will need to calibrate the gears before you start riding it. There are several videos online in how to do this but you will probably spend alot of time before you can make it just right. If you are willing to spend some money, take it to your local bike shop and they can do this for you.
    - Also the wheels on this bike have a thinner kind of valve which are called "presta" valves so you will need a special pump or a accessory to use a regular pump.
    - Basic things you will need to start riding will be a water bottle, helmet, gloves (for extended rides), an on board computer to measure your speed, distance, time, and calories burned and a bike stand so that you can stand your bike since it does not have one.
    - Also please note that the pedals on this bike work with any shoe and the have a strap to secure your foot on it in order to ride it, you can remove the shoe holders if you dont like them but it will make you less efficient while riding.

    The last thing that i would like to comment on is the proper sizing of a bike. I recommend you going to a local bike shop and finding out what are your measurements before you buy the bike. It is very important that you choose the proper bike size so that you can ride more efficiently and not get injured while riding.

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