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  • Jason Salmon "travel doc" - great interactive toy for your 2-4 month old!awesome for babies to kick and learn while they are on their backs and not able to roll over. once they begin to roll over they will get stuck by the sides and cry a bunch so there is a limited window of use but when it works it is amazing for occupying the babies attention and letting dad watch some sports! here's hoping he likes it when he can sit up on his own well and push the keys (probably when he's 7-9 months before he just crawls away!
  • Martin - His wisdom eludes usThere seems to be a fair amount of misunderstanding within these reviews. I feel many here are missing some of the valuable lessons that the honorable Tao Le is teaching with this newest edition, errata and all and so I humbly provide my analysis of this fine edition (now in color!). The errata is no mistake my friends, it is designed this way in order to give you a preview of the frustration you will encounter with patient care in your future. Did you honestly think 20+ pages of errata was a mistake? No, no, the honorable Tao Le is far wiser than you give him credit for. The uncertainty you feel relying on a book proofread by a gorilla will also prepare you for the uncertainty every doctor must face when making clinical decisions. So in a way it is somewhat honorable; the editors and publishers putting their credibility into question in order to teach you valuable lessons you will never have even known were taught. I hope when I am an attending I will be as selfless and passionate in instilling excellence into my interns and residents as the honorable Tao Le has been. From the sincerest corner of my heart, God bless you, Tao Le.
  • Cerulean Blue - It makes sense.I saw the story about it on Dr. Oz and checked it out at the Library. Fairly well written, there are more female "example stories" than male, and it reads "comfortably", maybe a bit for male reader; BUT it does makes astonishing sense. We read it out loud, pondered it, and thought about the logistic of making it work for us, (due to food allergies and diverticulosis). We couldn't find a reason to not try it. Interestingly, it does work. And you do need a scale that measures down to 10ths of lb. You have to keep at it and maintain discipline until you find your unique "friendly" list of foods, but the author has clearly done her research.
  • clawson2010 - Sodastream is amazingSo far, I have nothing but good things to say about the Sodastream soda maker. I love carbonation and this has made it so much easier to have seltzer water on hand! No more last second trips to the store when we run out. It has cut down on the plastic and glass in our recycling bin from purchasing the bottles as well. Luckily, we found a store in our home town that has the CO2 cartridges, so we don't have to bother with ordering more online and paying shipping. I can imagine that would be expensive and a hassle. Have had this for almost 3 months and haven't had a problem and love it! Great with juice concentrates from health stores or with a squirt of lemon or lime juice!
  • Jorge Arturo Nunez Sabal - Just what I needed. Sturdy and Easy setupIve been researching a lot for this indoor training things. Believe me when I say this is one of the most quality-price models youre going to get. Im 220lbs and I feel very safe and steady.
    Easy setup (less than 10mins and Im no bike expert). I dont care about the humming noise it makes (not as loud as others point ou), just crank the ipod and start pedaling. Happy!