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  • Terrance Osterhout - A Perfect Binder For ModelsFor the past two years I have been photographing my muse, model Liz La Point and have needed to create expensive fine art photo books of our work together, but since learning about the Avery Binders, we now have a great place to keep Liz and Liz's photos. I only photograph Liz these days but for years I shot models in NYC and California and could have used a binder like this to keep them in. Who would have thought binders would be such a great place for women!?!

    I have used binders in the office for papers and files, and they do a great job of keeping things organized and in place, but using these durable binders for women takes it to a whole new level. Photographers everywhere will now be able to just pull a binder full of women off of their shelf instead of having to use agencies or model sites. No more calling them or hoping they don't show up for a shoot! With Avery binders, the models are just waiting to be photographed, hoping you will pick up the binder they are in.

    The only question is do they make binders for men too in case I need male models?
  • T. DeLozier - So far so goodQuick delivery. the pills are large but go down easy. no weird smells or aftertaste! I like that I do not have to take a seperate prenatal vitamin. I will use these daily until our IUI scheduled in December. Keeping fingers crossed that this product will enhance my mucous and ovulation so we only have to do procedure one time. My doctor does not want us doing Clomid yet so after lots of research I purchased these. My husband is happy since he prefers I do as much natural as possible as I have had side effects form various prescriptions I have taken daily for about a month and it seems like mucous is improved. I suggest you get the book " A Cooperative Method of Natural Birth Control" by Margaret Nofziger. She goes into great detail about charting your temps, and checking mucous etc...
    Good luck to all those TTC!!
  • Aaron Mitchum - So far so greatI bought this at Target after my last printer went out because I had to print that day and couldn't wait for an Amazon purchase. I got on here when it came time to buy ink. It was surprising to read so many negative reviews. I love this printer, after about a month no paper jams and I print wirelessly, effortlessly from my ipad, computer and phone. This might have been a lemon for some but so far not for us.
  • M. Earley - Great software!I've had this running on 4 of my machines for almost a year now, and never had any attacks in that time. It does run a little slow on two my older machines, but that's not really the software's fault. On my newer machines (Win7, plenty of RAM and new CPUs), it responds very quickly. I also love the download option on Amazon. No need to keep up with discs and license keys any more!