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  • Doak Turner - Toughness is a GREAT Book - A Winner like Jay!Jay's book is a WINNER - like Jay! The insights to the basketball world with the motivation and inspiration in any business and life! Topics such as Trust, Preparation, Courage, Communication, Persitence, Next Play, Commitment, Acceptance, Resilience, Self Evaluation, Hope - all topics everyone can relate to in life. Order the book for yourself and your friends - regardless if they are Duke fans or not - you have to respect Jay and everyone mentioned in the book!
    I could not put the book down - read it the first weekend the book was sent to me! Great stories, lessons learned from his mentors and family, his peers are included in the book!
  • aenima49 "aenima49" - We chose this over a tablet for our childOur kids previously were playing with our old iPhone 3Gs that we set restrictions for & let them play games on. When I accidentally ran my son's through the washing machine, we were deciding whether to get him a LeapPad for Christmas, or just get an inexpensive tablet with a heavy duty case. I'm glad we got the LeapPad.

    -Lots of fun, educational apps available
    -No internet access, child can't make purchases
    -You can set your child's skill level/age, games are labeled with the suggested age and they seem to be accurate.
    -Very intuitive and easy for a child to navigate and use.
    -Stylus is attached by a string so it can't be lost.
    -Camera & video camera are fun for the child
    -Leapfrog connect allows you to purchase apps, books etc, download and immediately use
    -You can actually view how long your child played each game, what scores they are getting, and how they have improved in different skill areas.
    -MP3 player app allows you to use this as an MP3 player
    -Front and rear cameras
    -Photos, videos, drawings and storybooks are uploaded via leapfrog connect and can be shared from there.

    -The cost of the apps add up very quickly. If you buy the cartridges, at least they have some resale value, but then your child has to keep track of all of them, and can't play the game without the cartridge.
    -Doesn't come with the charger pack, which adds a lot to the cost of the unit. It should be included. Without it, you will go through 8zillion batteries.
    -Parent can't set an upper volume limit. The thing gets LOUD.
    -Mp3 player is a paid app
    -LeapPad2 Didn't come with the story book app, but the "story book" section is in the my stuff area, and kept telling my son he didn't have any, and to use the app to make them. So, we ended up buying the app.
    -LeapPad constantly references "tokens" which is something they don't do anymore, and a 3-year old doesn't understand why the thing keeps talking about them
    -It tells him to connect to the computer repeatedly.
    -The leapfrog connect interface is very slow and freezes a lot
    -Play isn't saved when you play under the "guest" user, and I haven't found a way to remove that so the child doesn't play under guest & get upset that their stuff isn't saved.
    -We've only had this since Christmas and have already had issues with it not turning off. I'm not sure if it is a problem with the charger pack or the leap pad, but it makes me nervous to think about how much $ is sunk in this thing.
    -There are lots of good apps, but it's still somewhat limited. My son really wants a Curious George game.
    -Camera is pretty poor quality. Most likely your child will take 10,000 pictures of random things, but in the event that they take a nice one, it would be great to be able to print it.
  • Lisa Spaulding - I wish I ordered sooner!Best thing invented! I ordered it for my 15 month old daughter! High chairs are so bulky and she is away from table. My friend had something similar so I found this and perfect, I have brought with me to restaurants and mostly use at hone! Not a bad price. Shipping was normal. Tracking info was updated right away! Thanks!
  • Chris S. - QuickBooks 2012 - Your business needs it!Over the years I have tried several different accounting platforms, however each year, we choose to go with Intuit QuickBooks. 2012 will be no different. With the features you have at your fingertips and the simplified access to your most used applications, QuickBooks 2012 should be the top choice for your business. While we have never had to make many support calls, the few we have made have always been handles extremely fast and by some of the greatest techs around. I would highly recommend QuickBooks!
  • Angelia Jones - Easy solution!Being able to download this was awesome! I was up and running in 10 minutes or less. I can't remember because it was just that fast! This is a good program, however it is not as powerful as the Windows version. I have both, but I am a MAC convert. I will be so glad when they take the time to put more into the MAC version.