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  • kerri - a perfect fairy talewhen my interest in reading grew, I wanted to find a book with a bit of fantasy and a lot of romance. it was quite difficult finding a romance book suitable for a 12 year old. the librarian recommended 'between the lines' and I finished it in 2 days. it is a sweet, fun, romantic story great for girls who are becoming interested in boys and romance. it is simple for young readers but is exciting in so many different ways. this was my first ever novel I read for myself and I still read it. when ever I've had a bad day or I just feel like reading a light, easy, perfect book, this is the one I always chose. I recommend this book to any young girl from the age of 10 and up. I loved this book and I'm giving it 5 stars!
  • Judith G Wilcox - Why Didn't I Think Of That!I have read all of Billy Crystal's books. No, I don't know how many, just know when they come out I read them. What can I say? He has an innate sense of who he is on the planet. He is a giver and in a quiet way. He knows who he is and lets you know from the first sentence. This book should be in all hospitals and rest homes, you know why??? Most of the people in those places need laughter, lightness, truth, life and its woe and its humanity, and in this book Billy does it again. He is a master of the word, any word. I laughed so hard I needed two sets of Depends. Well, I of course am older, not as old as Billy, well, a few years older but being a woman you will never get it out of me. I think the book just flowed, and so did the tears. I bet if that book were laying around in the ER no one would be getting their liver put back in, and the 911 phone would be on hold. I am already waiting for the next book. Never lend this book out, you will never see it again. And for those that feel sick, this is the best pill you could ever swallow. When ever he is on anywhere I watch. He has a spirit that secretly grabs you, and you want to be a relative. In a book you want to be hooked on the first page, just the cover is enough to make you want to look inside!

    J Wilcox
  • AZYogi - Company came throughI got this as a birthday present for my father. He is an avid mountain bike rider and I was very excited about this gift. I bought it "new", but it was broken from the moment we opened the box. He tried it out and it would shut itself off every 30 seconds or so. Make sure you check the on/off switch.
    However, when he returned it the company gave him an HD upgrade for free and really redeemed themselves. It works really well and he is like a kid filming himself all over the place. I've already gotten several videos of him riding out on the trails.