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  • Wayne Klein "If at first the idea is not absu... - The Wall goes up again-remaster sounds quite good but no extra tracks (you'll have to wait for the "Immersion" edition for that)This remaster of "The Wall" is a bit louder than the Mofi version of the album but, on the whole, James Guthrie (a long time collaborator with Pink Floyd) has done a nice job of eliciting as much detail and depth for a 16 bit CD as possible. Unfortunately, as much as I would have liked to wait on the "Immersion" set because of the extras (demos, Blu-ray, previously released live discs), I can't justify spending that kind of money to myself so ended up picking this up again to replace my Mofi which was damaged.

    I purchased this set to replace my Mofi version of the album on CD. Is this as good as the Mofi? No, but for a new remaster it actually sounds pretty good. The packaging is qutie nice redesigned for this latest CD release.

    I am disappointed that EMI has chosen (and the band members) NOT to reissue this with bonus tracks for the regular edition (the the two discs run around 81 minutes combined)is pretty inexcusable but not a surprise given that this is Floyd which, The Beatles, Stones and Eagles aside, are among the biggest selling artists out there.

    Although this isn't my favorite Pink Floyd album, there's no denying the power of the music the band came up with on its last release to feature Gilmour, Mason, Waters and Wright. As most fans are aware Wright was no more than a hired hand here (he had been fired by the band)and Waters who had increasingly begun to dominate the band's musical and lyrical direction continues to do so here. It's still very much a band effort though (as much as I love and enjoy "The Final Cut" the final effort from the Waters led edition of the band, it's almost a Waters solo album with Gilmour and Mason more in the role of sidemen).

    Bottom line: Is it worthwhile buying this again if you have it? I suppose that depends on how much you love the album the sonic upgrade for this edition is minimal at best compared to some other masterings. If you're happy with the version you have keep it and spent your money on something else (the "Immersion" set if you must have it).
  • Horsebytes - Love this little pocket sized guide!I'm really impressed with this little pocket drug guide. It uses abbreviations to pack a lot of information into a little amount of space. The abbreviations are listed in the front of the book and the more you use this book the easier it gets. All the need to know information seems to be listed including the most common trade names and even common unlabeled uses as well as side effects, doses, interactions, and labs.

    I looked up dopamine to just try one drug to check it out and the first thing it tells me is the trade name (Intropin), that it is a vesicant and "give phentolamine w/extrav" it goes on to give all the info you'd expect, want, and need.

    This book easily fits in a scrub pocket and a few index cards with other information needed can be tucked inside the front cover (3" x 5" fits perfectly). I wanted to buy 2013 edition but none is listed. A 2014 edition is on amazon but not printed yet - available for pre-order.

    FYI I bought the 2014 Lippincott's drug guide and returned it for this one - yes it's that good!
  • K. Mcelhose "nono" - amazing!!!I did a lot of looking before i picked my stroller. i found baby gizmo very helpful with video reviews. This is a great stroller super easy to open and close, very light and the straps adjust very easily. If the baby is fussy i can just put him in here and very easily move it around to rock him to sleep. I LOVE THIS STROLLER!
    Im so happy with it that im looking into switching to the britax car seat.
    FYI this is made by the same company as BOB strollers but its $300 cheaper :> excellent!
  • Miguel Cruz - You will notice the difference.This is what you want from a Desktop External Hard Drive, a large capacity, fast transfer rates and quiet operation. The unit is discrete and the Piano Black finish goes well along the same line of higher-end products. USB 3.0 is fast, I've moved 7GB files within a few minutes and played them off the drive with no lag. Easy as plug-and-play to set up and includes some additional software from Seagate that allow you to set up automatic back up. You can unplug it and take it with you due to its "Book" design, but having to cary a power cord and connection cable make it more desirable as a unit that will stay on your desk.
  • Mother Fitz - Thruogh it all!We have a non-profit ministry entertainment educational business. We started small and are still small. Our work has had it's highs and lows in relation to income. No matter where we are in our journey Quickbooks has provided us with a secure, legal way of documenting, tracking and just plain old bookkeeping. We track contributions, monies paid as honoriums, salaries, expenses for travel and office. During the days of when we hired a bookkeeper to the days of when I, the novice had to take over that task we have relied on QuickBooks to help us be legal and up to date. I look forward to Little Square and what it has to offer. We are and always have been Mac users. It is so excellent to have a program that is Mac friendly.