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  • Steve Green "Steve" - Works for usMy wife and I have been practicing the ideas in "Peace" for two months now, and this is the closest, and most consistently-loving that we have been in 11 years of marriage. The thought of giving up orgasm altogether is unsettling, but the potential in this idea merits exploration.

    I was interested to read Satyr's review. I did not see Peace Between the Sheets as a polemic against any sexual practices. Rather, the author's point is that the over-stimulation (at a brain chemistry level) of orgasm creates a desire for separation between partners of any sexual persuasion. As she points out, this wisdom has been around for thousands of years. We just never hear about it.

    For me, it was interesting to contemplate, as Robinson does, whether this built-in separation trigger may be behind all forms of alienation between the sexes. It seemed to me that she was no more against masturbation or homosexuality than she was against celibacy or churning in heterosexual relationships. Her views are, in fact, quite inclusive.

    I find the book very sex positive, very pro-intimacy, and refreshingly clear in defining the benefits to be gained from lasting relationships. It works for us.
  • Gaston Pouliot - Asus Transformer Prime TabletI like it and I used it, more and more as time goes by. I just regret that I have not choosen the 64 GB instead of the 32 GB. I would like to have more memory on my tablet. Also, I didn't received the color I asked for my tablet. The tablet delvered was colour Gold instead of Champagne. But, it is not a problem, just a little deception
  • John Kwok - Superb Word Processing and Spreadsheet MS Office SoftwareThe latest Microsoft Office product, "Office Home & Student 2013", doesn't include the ability to e-mail calendars and tasks via Outlook which the more expensive "Office Home & Business 2013" does have. Nor am I sure what the major difference are between its versions of WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT with the prior Office 2010 version, since I have been using primarily Office 2007 for years. However, I can note how pleasantly surprised I was with the new document templates in WORD - as well as spreadsheet templates in EXCEL - that make desktop publishing substantially less of a chore than it could be; for example, in WORD, there are templates for creating fliers and other marketing tools. To its credit Microsoft has gone out of its way to make this some of the most useful user-friendly software I have used, starting with a video tour of this product. I also have to commend Microsoft for keeping much of the same layout as I know with WORD 2007, making it quite easy to retrieve and to edit documents, and to save them in earlier WORD formats as well as others. Anyone needing a superb word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software that is truly state-of-the-art won't be disappointed with this latest incarnation of MS OFFICE.
  • Carol Young - A very good readIf you liked Wolf Hall you will enjoy the continuation of the Cromwell saga in Bring up the Bodies. As someone who is really interested in the Tudor era, I found the Cromwellian angle of vision fascinating. Most of my reading has been history or historical fiction of the Gregory ilk so it was fun to put myself in the shoes of someone who has has a rather bad press especially from then Catholic point of view. Mantel's research has been meticulous but she has also used her imagination widely to create conversations and attribute motives in the wheeling and dealing of the Tudor court. I look forward to the final edition of the saga!
  • B. Simeon "MomsBandB" - A ChallengeI absolutely loved this book. I'll be honest. We don't have much. We sometimes don't even get the bills paid on time. So at points in this book I was thinking, "This is for those who have the big suburban house and the retirement plan and the landscaped lawn." But I was challenged to re-think the long list of things I wish I had. Let's face it, even in our current difficult financial condition, we are richer than over 84% of the world. So what right, what nerve, what audacity do I have to complain that I only have.....

    It is time the church remembered how to live as if heaven is all that matters -- because it really is. It is time we stopped being OF this world, stopped storing up treasure HERE instead of THERE, stopped looking at people as THEM and started looking at them as people dearly loved by God who have no hope without him, stopped focusing on our own list of things we want to accomplish and started focusing on the Creator's divine purpose for our lives.

    I highly recommend this book and am convinced that you cannot read it and not be moved to re-evalute your priorities and goals. For us, we have started saving for a house-building trip to Mexico next Spring. May God move mightily through our measly efforts and may all the Glory be His!

    **My thanks to Waterbrook Multnomah for a free copy of this book to read.