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  • A. Casey "TekSavvy" - Very Informative Book and Great Conversational PieceGreat book, great binding. It's the same thing that you've come to expect from GWB of Records. I usually get a new one every few years. A lot of this info is available on the internet but when I have people over at my house, they almost always pick it up and take a look at it. It really is a great conversational book/coffee table book and you won't be disappointed.
  • Neil Stahl - It worked for me!Pardon my plain speaking but I want to make clear why I used this and what it did for me. For years my BM's usually had a good consistency; not runny not hard. Then I was urged to take a stiff round of antibiotics (unnecessary, as it turned out) and for months afterward I had constipation problems. I dealt with it by eating prunes and tried raw sauerkraut and the recommended yoghurt, and that helped but didn't solve the problem. Having read about our biomes for some time, I was sure the antibiotics had knocked out my good little critters. I decided to try a probiotic supplement. I happened to have a coupon for Phillips, so tried it. After just a few days of taking one pill a day I (we) seem to have gotten back to the good old days.

    I do have to wonder about continuing to take it. Shouldn't it establish itself in your gut and stay till the next time something untoward happens to it, at which time you could take some more pills?
  • C. M Mills "Michael Mills" - Cain at Gettysburg is a well researched and written historical fictional account of the horrors of Gettysburg2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg. The sanguinary battle cost Union forces under George Gordon Meade and Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia over 20,000 casualties. The battle is the worst three day battle in American history. Gettysburg was a battle which lasted from July 1-3, 1863 in the tiny railroad center of Gettysburg in southern Pennsylvania. It has become a legendary contest of which whole libraries of historical accounts have been penned.
    Among the great chronicles of the battle are names such as Douglas Southall Freeman; E.B. Coddington; Stephen Sears; Harry Pfanz and Allen Guelzo. The work has not received as much attention in the historical fictional genre. The exception is Michael Shaara's classic "The Killer Angels." While "Cain at Gettysburg" will probably never achieve the fame of Shaara's outstanding book it is, nevertheless, a worthy effort.
    Author Ralph Peters is a retired military officer and a contributor to Fox News. Peters has done his homework. I found the book to be:
    a. Realistic in its description of the horrific slaughter on the Gettysburg field in which the wounds and groans of the suffering and moribund scream forth over the many years since the guns of July grew silent.
    b. The book describes all aspects of the three day contest from the opening of the festivities on McPherson Ridge to combat in the Peach Orchard; Wheat Field; Little Round Top; Devil's Den; Culp's Hill and the climatic charge of Pickett and Pettigrew on Cemetery Hill on day three.
    c. Peters is not adverse to using profanity in huge doses! His prose is colorfully written and resonates with the smells and sounds of nineteenth century warfare. It is more realistic than is Sharaa's great work.
    d. Peters book will teach you as much as you would obtain through the reading of a historical non-fiction account of the battle.
    e. The book has become a well deserved best seller.
    f. Anyone with an interest in Gettysburg, the American Civil War or United States history will appreciate Ketchum's laudable effort. The man is a born storyteller as well as being a scholar and creative writer. Well recommended to general readers as well as Civil War buffs and scholars.
  • Follett R - Here's the trick- You need to actually USE it folksYou simply can't beat this for the money. I have had mine for exactly a year now. Just noticed now that the price has dropped (I think I paid about $20 when I got it).

    Here's the thing- Most people don't have the self-discipline to stick with ANY workout routine and/or a healthy diet. Hence, some of the poor reviews here (and the fact that most Americans are obese).

    I am not overweight but had lost a little bit of my jaw/neckline definition. I have been using this twice daily (morning and evening) EVERY day for 1 year. I started really seeing the results after about 1 month. It's really not that surprising that it works- No big gimmick here. The principle is pretty straightforward as you are simply exercising the muscles in your jaw and neck. You can actually feel it working.

    No quick fix here folks. It won't work if you don't keep it up. Like any muscular workout you need to be consistent and give it a bit of time to see results. Also, just like any other exercise routine, you're not going to see results if you eat the way most people do and are grotesquely overweight. So, check your diet as well!