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  • Willow - May be the best purchase I've madeI am an avid reader and have a whole library of books. In fact I don't have much room for any more. I was at a Salon and a woman next to me was reading her Kindle. I thought it was amazing. As soon as I got home I signed into Amazon and read all about. It took me about two weeks to decide if I should really spend that much money on an e-book. I had never heard of an e-book before. I love it! I got carried away at first and kept ordering books. Now I have paced myself. Also there are a lot tips in the community forums and such where you can learn how to get the most out of your Kindle. I was a little disappointed in the cover. Mine never seems to stay on right. I see now that an a/c cord is included. When I bought mine that was not the case. That is great that this is now included. I highly recommend the Kindle to anyone who reads a lot.
  • Ankur - Review of the ECG Pocket Brain book by Dr. Ken GrauerCertainly a masterpiece! The ECG Pocket Brain makes ECGs easy. A concise and perfect learning tool and quick reference guide. Best ECG book I ever came across.I am a medical resident and I always carry ECG-PB in my pocket while on job.
  • Julianne "Julianne" - Read the Book Before You Give A ReviewI thought the review was for those who read the book, but since that is not the case, I have given a 5 star rating because I do respect one of the authors, Ms LaViolette, for her courage. However, I am concerned about all the negative comments posted on Amazon disguised as a book reviews since April 2nd because of the Jodi Aries trial. Ms LaViolette has been testifying since that time for the defense as an expert witness on domestic abuse.
    I have called and emailed Amazon several times concerning removing the character assassination comments about Ms LaViolette. Perhaps others who agree that Amazon should not give people who have never read the book the forum to destroy someone with whom they do not agree also contact Amazon.
  • Paul Walmsley - Bring up the bodiesExcellent book , even better than the prequel "Wolf Hall"
    And Mantel hugely deserved the Booker Prize for her first novel.
    Here is Henry VIII and his court, nuanced and subtley portrayed. Filled with entirely believable characters and their conversations.
    This is Renaissance and Reformation England, seen again through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell, the Blacksmith's son, who rose to be the most powerful man in England.
    This book charts the decline of Anne Boleyn and the rise of Jane Seymour.(with their own attendant courts and allies). Perhaps less gritty and bloody than Wolf Hall, it is a little raunchier, in the form of gossip and male neuroticsm (with tragic consequences for Anne).
    I think this trilogy has elevated historical fiction to a much higher literary level. Perhaps there should be a new category: literature with a historical theme.
  • oBiG NaZtYo <-- GT - My 2nd 4tb Hd and this is the best!This is my 2nd 4tb hd. My first was a phantom ghost right when these babies stormed the market. This thing is quiet, efficient, and fast.. I was peaking around 200mbs transfering from a 2.5 inch 5400 rpm hd. Pulling an average of 60 ~ 70 mbps so the tranfers went quickly. This is a great buy. If you just want to horde files this is for you!