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  • Sandman - A Healing Message – Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of ChristmasA Healing Message – Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas
    By Sandy Stringfellow

    I love books – factual, well researched, timely, historically relevant, with an eye on truth regardless of who it offends – and have a library containing many. Reading good books for the purposes of studying and learning from history is an avocation I immensely enjoy. Knowledge may not be power, but knowledge applied certainly is; however we first must know truth, as there clearly exists detractors from truth predisposed to alter or deny it for self-serving motivations.

    One need only consider many of the reviews on Sarah Palin's new book right here at Amazon; having read the book, it is patently obvious others have not read it or made their mind up before giving it a superficial glance. This is disgraceful, malicious, and intellectually dishonest. Good Tidings and Great Joy deserves far more respect, as does its' author Gov. Sarah Palin.

    One of the top five books I read in 2013 is Good Tidings and Great Joy. The story line weaves through the book fluidly in a down-to-earth, plain English, common sense kind of way, making it easy for anyone to understand; the charismatic, personal style of prose reminds us of Ronald Reagan, the Great Communicator. The timing of Good Tidings and Great Joy is perfect.

    Good Tidings and Great Joy won't provide pretense, condescension, pseudo-intellectualism or confusion; no America-hating diatribe, personal self-loathing, or indoctrinated and regurgitated ideologically transparent tripe.

    What you will find in Good Tidings and Great Joy is poignant, insightful, spiritually uplifting, thought provoking, culturally analytical, hopeful and beautiful, yet alarming and quite dire if we continue to ignore what Gov. Palin sets forth within its' pages. It is a short, powerful read.

    The manner in which Gov. Palin renders this heart-warming yet sobering and often deeply personal family and American cultural history is reminiscent of conversing with a smart and worldly friend as they disclose troubling news; one you know and trust to arrive at the best solution; a friend that deals only with reason, facts, logic, deduction, and provable verifiable history; one always willing to tell the truth, regardless of consequences in our politically correct society; a friend with the courage of conviction to lead from the front and a record to prove it.

    Read Good Tidings and Great Joy. It makes a memorable and instructive gift as well. You may find this the best Christmas you've had in a while...maybe the best ever. Merry Christmas.

    Sandy Stringfellow/2013/Used with Permission

    Read more about Gov. Sarah Palin here:
    Leading From the Front

    Fighting for What's Right
  • Feedback "mchorp" - Best Tablet as of Jan 19 2012This tablet is awesome. All of the Ipad users are envious of me. The only negative I can find is that it takes a long time to charge. If you're low on power the USB won't keep up while your using it. Also, best to use the USB plug adapter that came with the unit. I used another and it didn't charge as fast. The power life is good. It is about 7+ hours of battery life on the conserving power mode with wifi off. I don't have the exact numbers here but doable for me. Also, great price compared to the Ipad and this has a bunch of features with 32 gig instead of there for 16 at $100 more.

    On the postive this is an amazing product. It is very well built and with micro USB output, expansion for Micro memory, 8 Mega pixel camera on back, this is great. I purchased the Kindle Fire and sent it back quckly because it was too limiting. Ths does everything that I expect with crystal clear screen and good speakers.

    I played2 and this is much better.
  • J. White - Essential Tool For Young ProfessionalsI had an opportunity to hear Mr. Yates speak in person during one of his collegiate events and learned more from him in two hours than I thought possible. This book gives you all the information you need to compose an excellent resume and it provides tips on how to have a successful interview. Mr. Yate's methods for resume building are much more effective then the classic methods we all learned in college. For anyone looking for guidance on how to be a more competitive job applicant, please must invest in this book.
  • Handfulofbullets - DEATH STARTS IN THE INTESTINES - DON'T LET IT!I've been taking this product in capsule form for almost 13 years! I love it. Start slow at first. I am to the point of taking 4 in the morning and 4 at night, but don't start out so high. This is not like a laxative, it's more like eating a salad.

    This supplement is very important. I have no affiliation to this company whatsoever, I just know that my life wouldn't be the same without it.