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  • allyson hahn - One word- ADDICTINGI literally read this book in one night!! As in didn't sleep because I was too enthralled in this book and its story. I LOVED Mia and gabe and it was so hot from the very beginning. Coming from someone who reads a lot of books and I have read fifty shades, this didn't even compare to it. It was written better and the characters were far more relatable. Love love love!! Wish there was more of Mia and gabe!!
  • james halladay - Does everything I could ask forOK, let me confess before I start that, my three ring binder cookbook is falling apart and the pages are falling out. Now, most of my recipes are in Microsoft Word so I could reprint them and put them in a new binder if I wanted. But I decided that perhaps it is time to computerize them in a recipe organizer. My wife bought me a tablet PC for Christmas for the kitchen to take the place of the old three ring binder. There are a number of recipe organizer programs on the market and I downloaded several of the demo programs to play with. I decided on Living Cookbook 2011, and I ordered a copy from Amazon. Let me point out that the license is per computer so if you want to put it on several machines, you will have to purchase multiple licenses. There is a discount on multiple licenses and the basic program cost was about half of the program that I considered its nearest competitor. The software comes with multiple cookbooks and thousands of recipes already included. Any of these recipes can be modified and saved and you can delete individual recipes or cookbooks easily. Most importantly, it lets me add my own cookbooks and chapters within the cookbooks so I can keep my recipes separate from the ones already there. I have loaded a number of my recipes and I am quite impressed with the software. I had to rebuild my ingredients, but the program recognizes a vast array of ingredients and lets you choose them from a drop-down list that appears as you start to type. A benefit of this is that it creates a "Nutrition Facts" about your recipe including calories, total fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, protein, and much more, nice to know and I would never have taken the time to calculate them myself. I can copy my directions out of my existing Word documents and paste them into the "Procedure" Tab. There is also a "Tips" tab which I used to suggest variations, explain certain techniques, or just make notes to myself for the future. When done, it displays the finished recipe in a very professional looking layout. The program also allows one to incorporate a picture with the recipe and to publish it to a book, something I may do someday to give to friends. All in all, this program seems like it has more features than I will ever be able to use and I have not yet found anything that it can't do!