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  • scgal241 - Best purchaseEvery time we use this (which is very often) my husband and I comment on what a great purchase this was. We keep it in our car and take it with us whenever we eat out. So far it has worked on every table we have tried. We use it along with the Kiddopotamus Tinydiner Placemat, Green and it makes such a great set. It is so much more practical than the dirty highchairs they provide at the restaurants. He is able to be closer to the table, we can place him wherever we want at the table, and it gives him a clean surface to eat off of. Best purchase.
  • dorothy b. - best tablet choice!!I LOVE my kindle!!! I did a lot of research before I bought myself a tablet and couldn't be happier with my choice. Iwanted something that was simple to use but had many features. Iwanted to be able to do work, research, have aguide for the kitchen and be able to read anywhere!!! It's so easy to use, so convenient, and is the best all around! My 67 year old mother can use it with ease and my husband now uses it to look something up, like snowblower repair video. I s will be buying them both one for Christmas (should the budget slide, if not mom comes first!!) Thank you for a great product Amazon!!!!
  • Jacquelyn Marks - Quick and EasyI see that a lot of people were having trouble with this product. I downloaded it anyway. The product key appeared a few times, so I am not sure where they had trouble there. I was a little nervous because it had to reinstall the new version on my laptop. It then restarted the computer. It automatically created a file on my desktop with the product key inside.

    It took me a few minutes to install and its working. It also told me I have 366 days left of my subscription once it was done. This is not a trial version.