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  • G. Little "DealSnob" - Works great in the background. No need to "run" anything.This McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011 is nice for people who don't know a lot about computers (and, of course, good for those who do). I say it is good for people who don't know technical aspects because you don't need to "run" anything. The software takes care of any problems by running in the background. I installed this on my stepfather's computer and he has had no problems with his computer since. It is easy to install and well worth it. No more running other software to keep the computer clean. I am very happy with it and get no phone calls about fixing the problems on his computer.
  • Jo - AMAZINGMy husband and I have been TTC for over a year, we are both 30 years old. I have PCOS and have always had very irregular periods (some 80-90 day cycles) and my husband had low count and poor morphology. We went to a fertility clinic in July. I had an HSG - no problems there, so we started several months of fertility drugs and IUI's, each time it failed, it was more crushing than the last. Over the holidays we decided we needed a break and we would start fresh in January. I read about Fertilaid on TTC websites and decided it couldn't hurt to take them while we were on our break. We had tried different combinations of supplements and vitamins before, which seemingly did nothing, so needless to say we were skeptical about fertilaid. My husband started taking the Fertilaid for Men and I started the Fertilaid for Women in the middle of November. We only took 2 capsules a day with food. Well, I don't know how much I can contribute to the Fertilaid, but it seems like a very strange coincidence that suddenly I am pregnant, just like that, the good old fashioned way! No fertility medications, no treatments, no charting my cycles and definitely eating like crap over the holidays. I am truly in shock about it, I wish I had read about Fertilaid 18 months ago when we started this journey. I would definitely recommend this product. It also helped regulate my cycles to 36-38 days, which is much more normal. I get that it is not a fix-all solution, but if you have tried everything else, I would say it absolutely can't hurt! Best of luck to everyone, I know it is a painful and difficult journey. JD
  • homebirthmom - really great and cute strolleri test drove this sucker out for a good half hr in Toysrus w my toddler in it and it was awesome. the only reason I didnt buy it was cause of the foam handle. yuck. I have a thing with feels and the handle was scratchy and icky feeling to me... i expect after it sits in the sun while the foam will crack or harden and feel even worse. gives me heebies just thiking of it :( so i got the mini for nearly $100 more. if britax had an option you could take that part off or swap it out, I would have gotten this.

    the good: nearly everything. lightweight, easy open and close, so comfy for kids. amazing recline, easy to get at basket, super adorable colors. GREAT price!!
  • Travis Lopes - Excellent game. Must buy.This game is tons of fun. I definitely recommend buying it. It's too bad this game has such low ratings because of people flipping out over the DRM. Most of the people complaining haven't even bought it. If they did buy it, they would see that there are no problems installing the game on various PCs.