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  • robert - What a product!My son is 12 years old and he is special need child, since he was little he always had bad breath. Me and my wife tried everything, from scope listerine, and gum but that didn't help at all. We help him brush his teeth three times a day but also that didn't help.

    One day I was watching the needs and therabreath founder Dr. katz was showing his problem in the news, so I said let give it a try. So I went to our local store (walmart) and find the product there, wow I have to tell you this product works, it has given my child better breath then I could of imagine, he breaths on me in the morning and tells me daddy, how does it smell I tell him wow son no one his better breath then you in the morning. But what im saying is sometimes he forget to brush his teeth in the morning on the weekend, and tells me daddy smell my breath and guess what it doesn't smell anymore.

    So I would like to thank Dr katz for a wonderful product, by the way it was a little expensive in walmart. Amazon his it cheap.

    I also bought the tooth paste and mouth rinse. it works really does.
  • Danielle Jones - Must HaveIf you're in medical school you know First Aid is a must have for Step 1. I'm coming up quickly on my Step 1 date and this is a wonderful resource. Do not attempt Step 1 without it!

    Well-written, easy to read, outline-style.

    Might need a few extra review books to further describe certain subjects.
  • Angie McCullagh - My nine-year-old son loved thisWe loved this calendar. My son looked forward to getting up every morning in December so he could find what he was supposed to build everyday. Considering that a Lego mini-figure costs $3.99 (which is insane), this isn't too badly priced.

    My son didn't mind much that the box showed pictures of what he'd be getting. I don't know how else Lego would advertise what the product is. He said in an ideal world he would've liked a total surprise, but this calendar was still super enjoyable.

    The only drawback is that on two of the days one of the little Lego pieces fell from one cubby hole down into another and my son had to wait until that day to get it back and complete his creation.

    Still, though, this made for a fun December.