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  • oluwande "joegrind" - Save your back. Buy these.I've had a pair of the 1090 dumbbells (90 lbs each) for about 10 months and been lifting them from the floor until now. The price finally dropped here on Amazon so I decided to pull the trigger. Trust me, if you're above 30 like me, and can't recuperate as quickly as an 18 y.o...purchase'll save your back.
    These are sturdy, well-made and convenient stands for your Selecttech dumbbells. The shipping carton says 45 lbs (the outer-box is marked Bowflex if getting as a gift, have it gift-wrapped). Unlike other reviewers, I had absolutely no problem setting this up....the instructions are straightforward...they are the 'exploding-diagram' maybe I'm visual like that.I recommend not taking all the washers, nuts and bolts out of the packaging....just slice the shrink-wrap to keep the bolts in their position...that way it's easy to differentiate. It comes with an allen-wrench, but you'll need a 9/16 socket for the nut-side...I recommend hand-tightening until it is fully set-up....just to make sure everything is aligned. The casters worked fine....moved it around a couple of times and no problems....but they do seem cheap compared to the rest of the Stand. If they break, I'll just use the pegs.
    All in all, it's well worth it to get the stand....I just had to save up long enough after I got the dumbbells themselves.
  • winnie - samsung galaxy tab2 10 inchI love it wouldn't choose another tab its more than I expected, if u r looking for a tablet Samsung galaxy's is the best gald I didnt buy the kindle even though I was tempted to buy it my neice buy one and now she regret buying it
  • Angie H - Psycho all the way!Without giving any spoilers I have to say this is a great read! The biggest issue I have read that people have with this book is the ending. I've got to say I initially did not like it either. However, when I thought about it it had a creepy twilight zone, psycho feel to it. If it were a movie I'd imagine the final scene with the camera zooming out and the psycho theme playing.