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  • Jerry McGillivray - A Must Read!!!I obtained this book about a month ago. I started reading it one night and literaly couldn't put it down till I had finished it. I have always had so many questions about the timing of the rapture even after attending Bible School, hearing many sermons and teachings, studing the Word myself over the years. I believe the Lord has really blessed John with fresh revelation on this subject. After being so inspired I called him and ordered 40 copies and have been handing them out to my pastor friends and to anyone who has an open mind. Really have had some positive feedback. This to me is a real must read. Thanks John for being obedient and taking the time and effort into this book. Jerry McGillivray, ECHO Ministry, Chinook, Montana
  • iron man - The Kindle Fire is the best tablet everMany people say that they may prefer this tablet over this tablet . In my world I prefer the Kindle Fire over any other tablet ever . In my review you will see why i make my choice .Call me a Kindle Fire fanboy but i dont care.The Kindle Fire desing is basiclly a black colored tablet with the power button , usb plug and headphones plug . The settings include volume , wifi and parental controls ( a faeuture that many parents say that it does not include ) among many other things . The space to add apps , videos , music and books in total is 6gb . While it may sound like very few room to add these things it is actually alot . But there is a chatch to getting free things on your Kindle Fire . You must add your credit card . If you are somebody that does not like giving this information away then you can do what i did : i went to you tube and saw a video that said that pen pal realsed " test credit card numbers " . You can choose from which ever of this numbers and it will work . But then comes another cathch . You can only get free apps . But if you are somebody like that likes free things then this wont be a problem . There is still cool apps . Some of them are Temple Run , Bad Piggies and pretty much every Angry Birds game . You should also consider joning Amazon Prime and this is why : you get hundreds of free movies and tv shows . This why I think the Kindle Fire is the best tablet ever . Hope that everybody gets and enjoys a Kindle Fire .