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  • Lori Anderson "I devour books." - An excellent continuation of a fabulous seriesAlthough this was not my favorite of the first three Outlander books, that's kind of like me saying I prefer Lindt chocolate over Godiva chocolate -- they're all yummy!

    "Voyager" was a little hard for me to wrap my mind around at first, as it took me a while to get used to a 20-years-older Jamie, but that hurdle was quickly passed as I got caught up in the book with it's interesting twists and turns.

    This series is one of my all-time favorites!
  • Haribo94 - Amazing !Ive tried nearly every over the counter acne medication with no results ! This works so well if your patient ! 5 stars
  • M. Bolin - Couldn't be easierMy Norton Internet Security was coming up for renewal (for $49.99), so I decided to take a chance and buy from Amazon (for $14.99) and renew using the product key from that package.
    It came today and I went to Norton, clicked on the upper right (support) and then entered the product code and my e-mail and in no time I had successfully renewed for another year.
    Thanks Amazon and the reviewer who clued me into this option.
  • Ignatius Malibu - Can't recommend it enough. Fantastic!Compelling doesn't do it. Its a treasure trove of little known historical facts and presents a story everyone thinks they know in a very real light. Whether for reasons of Faith or a desire to know some factual background of Judea under Roman occupation and the political climate/intrigue of the day, read this book. Better than the previous two...Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy. Wonderfully written.
  • A. Spalding - I was hooked from the 1st page!I stumbled upon this book one day while bored and looking for something to fill some down-time during the holidays, and I have to admit this book turned out to be a very pleasant surprise! Without giving much of the story away, this main character she herself being taken captive and held hostage by a mad man for quite some time. And with a strong will to live, the memories of a life to return to, and through the love of her child gathers enough courage to escape from his clutches.

    This book had me hooked by the first page, and I sat and read it non-stop until I was finished. I literally couldn't put it down. You find yourself tranformed into her world, her thoughts, her feelings, her fears. Throughout the book you'll find yourself with provoking thoughts about the safety and security of your own family and how each of takes our freedom in life for granted, how at any moment, in the blink of an eye, a madman could change all of that for us.... Great Read! Highly recommended!!